Sunday Sampler Sept. 15

Happy Sunday! As you read this I’m on my way to TN to check on our new house! Dave is holding down the fort in CT and working on packing. Our target moving date is end of October.

This week’s Sunday Sampler consists of some lovely cloud images courtesy of Steve Watson. He went out hoping for another stunning Florida sunrise, but even though it turned out cloudy, he was able to get some nice shots that he is sharing with my readers. Thank you Steve!!

These can be used for those “grey sky” days when you don’t have much going on in the sky. You can either delete the old sky and put the new sky on a layer beneath the image, or just overlay the new sky and mask away where you do not want it on your subject. Here’s an example. I took this ordinary image of the Ravenel Bridge in Charleston….

And overlaid Clouds 3. I masked it off of the bridge, trees and water – giving me a much more interesting sky and image. While the original image did have some clouds, they just weren’t very dramatic.


My special promotion from Design Cuts is still available! I selected five texture packs that I think you will love, and Design Cuts created a special deal on the bundle just for my readers.

The five packs are:
– 94 Vintage Leather Paper Textures by Vector Hut
– Abstract Textures by Offset
– Herbarium Watercolor Textures by Alex Green Art
– Just Good Textures v2 Distress Edges by Graphic Monkee
– Prairie Girl Soft Grunge Textures by Greta Ivy

So….”How do I get these cool textures?”


to go to the special page for Meredith Images readers and grab this deal for just $40 – which is half off the regular price!
You will get 190 beautiful, creative textures with full commercial license for all your projects!

Sunday Sampler Sept. 8

Happy Sunday! Today is Open House for our CT home! Fingers crossed for a quick sale. Hoping our TN home will be on site early this week – delayed again!

This week’s Sunday Sampler consists of “glows”. The original yellow-orange one was taken on my cell phone (not sure what I was actually shooting!!). I then changed the colors with a Hue/Saturation adjustment. This can be used to tone a background or other texture. You could rotate this texture so that the brighter area reflects where the actual light is coming from in your image.

Here’s an example with a before and after. An image of dogwoods in the fog in Cade’s Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I added the Glow Blue-Green, flipped the layer horizontally (so the brighter area is in the upper right), changed the blending mode to Soft Light and the Opacity to 16%. Adds a little bit of subtle color to the image.



I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was working on a special promotion from Design Cuts for my readers. I selected five texture packs that I think you will love, and Design Cuts created a special deal on the bundle just for my readers.

The five packs are:
– 94 Vintage Leather Paper Textures by Vector Hut
– Abstract Textures by Offset
– Herbarium Watercolor Textures by Alex Green Art
– Just Good Textures v2 Distress Edges by Graphic Monkee
– Prairie Girl Soft Grunge Textures by Greta Ivy

Check out Thursday’s “Tutorial Thursday” post HERE to see the examples!

So….”How do I get these cool textures?”


to go to the special page for Meredith Images readers and grab this deal for just $40 – which is half off the regular price!
You will get 190 beautiful, creative textures with full commercial license for all your projects!

Tutorial Thursday Sept. 4 – Special Promo!

Happy Thursday! I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was working on a special promotion from Design Cuts for my readers. I selected five texture packs that I think you will love, and Design Cuts created a special deal on the bundle just for my readers.

The five packs are:
– 94 Vintage Leather Paper Textures by Vector Hut
– Abstract Textures by Offset
– Herbarium Watercolor Textures by Alex Green Art
– Just Good Textures v2 Distress Edges by Graphic Monkee
– Prairie Girl Soft Grunge Textures by Greta Ivy

I have used items from these packs in the two tutorials below, so you can get an idea of how to utilize them in your own work.


For this first project I started with a background from the Herbarium Watercolor Textures pack. This pack gives you both vector images (for use in Illustrator) and JPG images (for use in Photoshop and other photo editing programs). I selected Paper18.

I planned to put a rose over this image, so I cropped some of the left side to make the image more square.

Next I added a texture from the Prairie Girl pack – Texture 16 (this pack gives you both JPG and TIF files). I changed the blending mode to Multiply.

Next we’ll add more dimension and depth to the background with a couple of images from the Vintage Leather Paper Textures pack. First I used Paper Texture 13. I flipped this image horizontally so the darker edge was on the left. Changed the blending mode to Overlay and the Opacity to 90%. I also left the texture larger than the image so it would cover the area I wanted (see “handles” of the image in the screen shot below). This pack gives you JPG files and PNG files that have transparent backgrounds.

From the same set I added Paper Texture 19, again sizing to what I felt worked with this image. I also rotated this texture 90 degrees clockwise.

For the rose, I ended up using parts from two rose images. I thought the flower in the first image was too big and too bright a yellow, but I liked the stem and leaves. So I masked out the flower and then added another rose bud.

I tied the colors together with another Prairie Girl texture, #11. Blending Mode Multiply and Opacity 65%.

Lastly I finished it off with a border from the Vintage Leather Paper Textures Pack – Paper Texture 36. Blending Mode Overlay; Opacity 80%. Since this texture was only along the left and right sides, I duplicated the layer and rotated it 90 degrees clockwise. Blending mode Overlay; Opacity 60%. And that’s our finished image!


I had previously processing this image as a 3-shot HDR and some grungy presets from Topaz. I want to REALLY grunge it up, so I used some of the cool items in the Abstract Textures Offset pack.

This pack gives you lots of versions – PNG’s in Black and in White; TIFF’s and a PS Template that has all of the various textures in layers. This file makes it easy to turn each file on and off to see which ones you want to use. There is also a reference guide with this pack that shows what each texture looks like.

I started with my previously edited photo:

I used 4 of the textures –
#03 = Overlay @ 55% opacity
#08 = Overlay @ 100% opacity
#28 = Overlay @ 100% opacity
#09 = Overlay @ 84% opacity

I changed the color of each layer from Black to #482b16. To change the color of a layer with a transparent background, select the layer > click on the Lock icon at the top of the layers palette > change the foreground color > Alt + Backspace will fill the layer with color but since I locked the layer, it will only put color on the pixels that hold color.

I used a layer mask on #08 to take the texture off the bottle, then copied the mask to the next layer (right click on the 1st layer mask > Add Mask to Selection > highlight next layer > click on the layer mask icon and it will duplicate the mask).

Finished image:

So….I’m sure you are asking,
“How do I get these cool textures?”


to go to the special page for Meredith Images readers and grab this deal for just $40 – which is half off the regular price!
You will get 190 beautiful, creative textures with full commercial license for all your projects!

Sunday Sampler – Aug. 11

Happy Sunday! As you are reading this we are heading to Tennessee! Site work began on our new homestead this past week. Our house arrives at the dealer from the factory on Monday. Things are progressing! By the end of Aug./beginning of Sept. everything should be set and ready for move in.

This is what it looked like on Friday. We’re really not close to the house next door, it’s just the angle of this image. Our property runs down the hill off to the left of the photo. There is an empty lot between us and the house to the right – the couple who owns that house isn’t selling the lot, so that will stay open. Our contractor has seen deer everyday – guess we’ll have lots of company! Our kitty cats will not be thrilled!!

This week’s Sunday Sampler consists of some lovely purple and green bokeh shots courtesy of my friend Antoinette Gombeda! She took these with our Sunday Sampler readers in mind. These are great for replacing busy backgrounds behind your flower shots. Thank you my friend!

The folks at Topaz have been VERY busy since the initial release of Studio 2. They are (as of Friday night) on revision 2.0.9! They have added in some of the features not in the initial release (histogram, cropping/straightening, ability to import textures in bulk, and many more), and fixed a few hiccups. Be sure to download the latest update! When you log in to Studio 2 it will tell you there is a new update. You can also check by going to Help > Check for Software Updates.

Another of the features they added was the ability to bring over Studio 1 Presets to Studio 2. When they created Studio 2, they did not add all of the previous presets (now called Looks) so as to not bog down the system with presets that were similar.

To bring over any that you like from Studio 1, first “favorite” them in Studio 1 (click on the heart). Then in Studio 2 go to Help > Migrate Custom TS1 Presets > and check the box for Migrate Favorite Presets. In mere seconds they will be added to TS2. You can tell the ones that were brought over as the preset/look name will have TS1 at the end of it.

There are also no limits to the number of times you can run this function. For favorites and for custom presets as well (initially you could only do this once).

While the webinar discount code for Topaz has ended, you can still save 15% on any Topaz product by using my link: and the code MeredithImages at checkout.

I have also extended my website discount until Monday Midnight EDT. Save 25% off any of my eBooks or texture packs with the code topaz25 in the Peacock Studio.

An inspiring article from“15 Weekend Photography Project Ideas”. Some fun projects that will help you improve your skills.

And to help you maintain your creativity (also from PictureCorrect), “Tips for Maintaining Creativity as a Photographer”.

And if you want to get creative and produce some of your own backgrounds and textures, check out this article on Pixel2Pixel, “Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds”. There are 48 projects to keep you busy for quite a while!

And another Photoshop project from iDevie, “How to Create a ‘Stranger Things’ Inspired Text Effect”.

If you are into mobile photography (iPhone, Android, etc.), you need to check out the AppWhisperer. They do artist reviews, feature images, and reviews of various phone apps.

And if you want to edit using the native apps on your phone, check out “How To Edit Photos on an iPhone Using the Built In Photos App” from the iPhone Photography School.

And, lastly, find some other great inspiration from LightStalking/Toad Hollow Photography with the article, “Catch Up on the Coolest Links in Photography”.

Have a great week!

Sunday Sampler – Aug. 4

What an exciting, busy week it’s been! Last weekend I taught 5 sessions at the Southwestern Michigan Council of Camera Clubs Conference. Got home Monday afternoon (a friend and I made a road trip of the Conference), then finished preparing for the Topaz Webinar on Tuesday afternoon!

We set new records for webinar registrations (4002), and maxed out the session with 3000 attendees! Wow! If you missed the webinar or didn’t get signed up, here is a link to the recording on the Topaz YouTube Channel:

Read more Topaz News in the Topaz Corner below.

This week’s Sunday Sampler is a “double-header” since there wasn’t a blog last Sunday. Six more textures from my travels – floors, rugs, concrete, and marble! These are all neutral tones, but remember, you can always change the color scheme with a hue adjustment or make them all black & white.

When we’re doing a webinar, it’s very difficult to get to all of the questions that are asked (especially with this large a group!). Celeste had me answer a few of the most-asked questions, but I’ll address a few more in this column.

Answers to Popular Questions and some updates that have been completed since the webinar:

  • Histogram has been added (the button to open is in the lower left corner of the workspace).
  • Layer masking has been added.
    And you can copy a mask from one layer to another. To copy: Right click in the mask you created; select COPY MASK. Add a mask to the new layer, right click in the mask and select PASTE MASK.
    (See screen shots below).
  • The ability to bring over your custom presets from TS1 to TS2.
    To do that: On top toolbar select Help > Migrate Custom TS1 Presets.
  • Can Studio 2 be accessed from Lightroom?
    Yes. Here are the instructions:
  • Can Studio 2 be accessed from Photoshop?
    Yes. It should automatically install in your Filters menu along with your other Topaz products.
  • What does Studio 2 have that Studio 1 does not?
    Studio 2 now has real layers! In order to save those layers, you must FILE > SAVE PROJECT AS > it will default to a TS2 format. 2 IMPORTANT NOTES! In order to be able to save as a TS2 file, you cannot bring the image into Studio 2 from Photoshop or Lightroom. You must open it directly into Studio 2. TS2 files cannot be opened in any other program (just like PSD files can only be opened in Photoshop). Propriety file formats.
  • If you wish to save as a TIF or JPG format: FILE > EXPORT. You can rename and tell it what folder to save the work in, as well as choose TIF or JPG.
  • How do we access Studio 2 if we’re “off the grid” (no internet)? You do need internet to download the program, but you do not need to be online to use the program. Once it is installed in your computer it works just like any other program.
  • Can we search for Looks by name.
    Yes! There is a search icon just under the “Add Look” button (screen shot below).

Items on the horizon!

  • The ability to add/import additional textures (like we did in Studio 1).
  • Texture Names (similar to AI ReMix
  • Cropping/Straightening
  • Healing
  • Plug-In Access/Support (for all of the other Topaz Plug-Ins that were not updated in Studio 1).
  • The ability to add additional images as layers for compositing or adding a watermark.
  • Community Sharing of Custom Looks – not sure how this will work yet – it won’t be the same as TS1. It was great that people wanted to share looks, however there were so many that it slowed down the loading of presets.
  • Not all of the Effects in TS! were brought over to TS2 (O’Keefe, etc.). Topaz felt there was a lot of duplication and similar effects. I am discussing with Topaz how we can recreate some of these in TS2 for those who want them.

Some general info on Studio 2, pricing, discounts, etc.

  • How do I get Studio 2?
    Studio 2 is available on the website under downloads.
  • How much is it?
    Studio 2 retails for $99.99. It is on sale for $79.99 until Aug. 9th. BUT if you use my coupon code from the webinar – Hazelweb719 – you can save an additional 20% making it $63.99! The webinar coupon expires on Monday, Aug. 5th. But…
  • If you previously purchased $100 or more of Studio Pro Adjustments (not plug-ins), then you received an email last week for a FREE upgrade! If you purchased some Pro Adjustments, but less than $100 worth, you received a discounted price. Those emails were sent on Wed. 7/24 and Thurs. 7/25.

Whew! That’s a lot of info! You can always shoot me a message or email with questions, plus there is a Facebook group for Topaz Studio where people help each other (and Topaz staff chime in too). I will answer more questions here in the blog as the software progresses and updates are released.

I also added a discount code at the end of the webinar for 25% off eBooks and textures in the Peacock Studio. You can use the code Topaz25 until Aug. 10th (midnight EDT).

You can also get a copy of my webinar notes (plus images used and bonus textures) for just $5 in the Peacock Studio.


Do you ever feel like you are in a “rut” with your photography? We tend to shoot the same types of subjects the majority of the time. Here’s a great exercise to expand your horizons: “10 Photography Assignments to Stimulate Your Creativity” over on PictureCorrect.

All I can say is WOW! The folks at Pixelo have outdone themselves with this latest bundle! The Urbane Fonts & Designs Bundle contains 99 fonts and over 1000 design elements! I’ve seen lots of font bundles, but this one is really amazing with the inclusion of some great art as well. Just $29 (value $2750). Save 99%. Click HERE to grab this deal!!

Think Tank Photo is proud to announce their products have been recognized with a series of prestigious awards. Carryology has named the BackLight 26L the Best Camera Bag of 2019, Professional Photographer has featured the Retrospective 7 V2.0 shoulder bag and Stand Manager 52 in their 2019 Hot Ones product recommendations, and Australian Photography has given their Gold Award to the BackLight Elite 45L .

These awards emphasize Think Tank’s focus on quality, ingenuity, and innovation, and underscore their dedication to designing the best photography bags and products in the industry.

“The pack’s well-considered combination of features makes it a versatile all-rounder for urban and outdoor photography alike. A bag that can accompany you on city excursions, outdoor hikes and more. All while ensuring your gear stays secure and protected, yet accessible when you need it. Bravo, MindShift Gear!”


July 7 – Sunday Sampler

I hope you all had a happy Independence Day! I know I will be seeing some of you this coming week at the NECCC Conference at UMASS (New England Camera Club Council)!

This week’s Sunday Sampler is an assortment of textures from another recent hotel stay! Enjoy!

Last week I mentioned I would show you how to combine several firework bursts into one shot – it’s really a very simple process!

I typically edit each shot first – upping the saturation; doing any healing or cloning to remove spots, etc. You can also use the Hue/Saturation tool to change the color of your fireworks if desired!

Let’s take image #1. I have not cropped this at all yet, and won’t until I get all of my images put together so I can see where the best crop will be. I also want to be sure that there is room to add the other bursts.


Now we will “drag” in Image #2 just as if it were a texture. Have both images open and use the Move Tool to drag Image #2 over Image #1 so they are in the same file on separate layers (like this):

To make the images work together, we’ll change the Blending Mode of Image #2 (the top layer) to Lighten. We can then position the second firework burst like this:

The Lighten Blend Mode makes the background “disappear” and keeps the brighter area of the image. If needed, you can also add a layer mask to get rid of any other distracting areas around the burst.

Now we’ll bring in the third burst the same way, with the Move Tool. Change the Blending Mode to Lighten and move it into position. I also reduced the size of this burst to better fit with the other two:

Now we can crop the image.

I typically save my images first as a TIFF or PSD file to keep the layers, then flatten and save as a JPEG.

Finished Image:

Hopefully you got some great fireworks images this week – go ahead and play!

I was pleased to be interviewed by Haley Salyer of Topaz for their blog post this past week. I contributed a preset (Painterly) that was included with the recent release of the new Adjust AI.

If you didn’t read it, check it out HERE!

And, if you haven’t grabbed your copy of Adjust AI yet, it’s still on sale for $59.99 HERE! Sale ends Monday midnight Central time, so don’t wait!

Also announced on their Facebook pages this week (it hasn’t been “officially released on the website yet), there is now a version of Gigapixel AI that is WEB-based! So if you were/are having issues with the download of the software, now you don’t need to download it! You can upload your image to the site, submit, and within a couple minutes get a link to your enlarged image that you can then download to your computer. I tried it a few times – works great – very fast! Works just like the software installed on your computer. So, if you have Gigapixel AI, try it out HERE!

To save 15% on any Topaz product, use THIS LINK and the code MeredithImages at checkout.

July Sales from Meredith Images

Don’t miss out! One-on-one training special pricing until July 31st (sessions do not have to be completed in July, just purchased prior to the 31st).

Sign up in the Peacock Studio HERE!


Don’t miss out on the sale on Sunday Sampler Groups. These bundle the older Sunday Samplers into groups ranging from 75-90 textures each! Or, you can grab all six at an extra special discount – 468 Textures for just $60!

No coupon code needed! On sale until July 31st in the Peacock Studio HERE!

June 9 – Sunday Sampler

Our Tennessee journey continues! Purchasing 2nd piece of property attached to the first for a total of 2.1 acres! Put a deposit on a modular yesterday – great deal on one that someone ordered with lots of upgrades then didn’t like the outside color! Good for us! Will be heading back down in a couple weeks on the way to Chattanooga where I will be presenting on Thursday, June 20th at the Photographic Society of Chattanooga. On Saturday the 22nd I will then do a half-day hands-on workshop for them on Topaz. Just a few spots left if you are in the area!

Sunday Sampler header

Some soft floral bokeh images are this week’s Sunday Sampler. I didn’t blur these TOO much – you can use a Gaussian Blur to soften them even more. Great for replacing the background behind a nice flower shot!

Here’s how I used one of these in a quick edit. I had this rose shot with a fairly plain green background (which isn’t a bad thing, but I want to show you how to use the bokeh backgrounds!).

I selected the rose and feathered the edges 3 pixels. Delete the old background. Save the rose with the transparent background as a PNG file.

Open Floral Bokeh 3 and drag the rose into the background (just as you would drag in a texture). I used Neutral Density gradients to darken the background, and a Hue/Saturation Adjustment to make the flowers a little more pink. I also used a Layer Style to add a slight drop shadow to the rose (very subtle). Here’s the final screen shot:

And the final image:

Needs a stem of some type so that it doesn’t look like it’s floating on the background, but you get the idea!

Survey – New Logo Design!

I am beginning an update of the Meredith Images website and decided it was time for a new logo to tie in with the “Peacock” theme. I’ve come up with a few versions – I need you to vote for your favorite!

Here are the versions numbered. The link to vote is at the end of this article! Thanks for your feedback!








If you like to create the look of pencil sketches and other art from your images, you’ll love this bundle from Pixelo – “The Ultimate Photoshop Add-Ons Bundle”!

It contains 72 Artistic Scripts to create a world of effects with just a click! Check it out HERE! Just $29!

And if you didn’t grab the Design Cuts “Totally Vibrant Textures & Patterns Collection” yet, it expires Monday midnight UK time! Don’t miss this huge collection for just $29! Click HERE to check it out!

And from WeGraphics, a cool little tutorial on how to make a “soundwave” in Photoshop! I followed the tutorial and did this less than 5 minutes!

And finally, from Light Stalking, an article of “The Coolest Photography Links of the Week” including tutorials and some great photographs!

Have a great week!

June 2 – Sunday Sampler

Happy June! May was such a busy month that it totally flew by! The good news is that we’ve purchased property in Tennessee – 1.3 acres of heaven! Now the real fun of purging, packing, etc. We’ll be putting a modular home on the land – plus a workshop/studio for the Peacock Studio! Hopefully move by Fall.

Our property is the “unmowed” area – all the way down the hill to the tree line on the right, then over in front of the little pond and back up the hill. We’ll be putting our house about even with the one in the distance toward the left of the frame.

This week’s Sunday Sampler is “bricks”! An original image plus three variations created in Smart Photo Editor. Enjoy!

New Column!

Welcome to “Inside the Peacock Studio”! In this column (once or twice a month), I will show you the “before” and “after” of an image and explain how I got to the final result. These demos will be processed with some of my own textures from groups that are available in the Peacock Studio online store. There will be a sale on the group(s) used for the upcoming week.

For this first column, I am using an image I took a few weeks ago in my kitchen with some lilacs from our yard.


I started with a trifold background (the kind that kids use for class projects). I put the cup on top of a piece of wood-looking scrapbook paper, and sat that on top of some old books to raise it up and make it easier to shoot. You can see in this original below, that the wood paper curved down slightly – I fixed that in Photoshop.

Before fixing the “floor”, I cropped my image. Then I made a selection of the right hand “board” with the Polygonal Lasso Tool. Control + J duplicated that selection to a separate layer where I could rotate it slightly to make the floor appear straight.

I then cloned out the leaf design showing beneath the cup handle. Then I started adding textures – 4 textures and a border.

First texture is from the Bokeh 2 Collection > Pale Tan. Used at Soft Light blending mode and 50% opacity. This texture brightened up the lilacs and made the overall lighting/color more uniform.

The second texture is also from the Bokeh 2 Collection > Blue-Gray. Used at Multiply Blending mode and 100% opacity. I only wanted this texture on the background and not the lilacs or cup, so I used a layer mask.

The Layer & Mask

Our next texture is from the Watercolor Collection – Nature’s Pastels > Lilacs in Bloom (figured the name made sense!). Blending Mode Soft Light at 67% opacity.

Our fourth texture is from the Enchanted Collection – Tans & Vignettes 2 > Peacock Blend > Bygone Dreams. I also wanted to mask this texture from the lilacs and cup/saucer. Here’s an easy way to copy a layer mask so you don’t have to create a new one.

Click on the layer mask from the Bokeh Blue-Gray layer — IMPORTANTE: Make sure you click the actual mask icon so it is highlighted. RIGHT click on the layer mask and choose > Add Mask to Selection. You will see the “marching ants” appear.

Now select the layer of the new texture and click on the Add Layer Mask Icon (the square with a circle in the middle). The new mask will be applied.

I changed the Blending mode of this layer to Multiply and opacity to 88%. Because I reduced the opacity of this layer, you will see the mask is now more grey than solid black:

For the last step I “burned in” the edges a bit more. I selected a Soft Round Brush around 175 px at 25% opacity and darkened the edges a bit. It’s very subtle, but helped to direct the viewer’s eye to the subject.

You can save 33% on the collections used in this project – reg. $6, on Sale for just $4!
Bokeh 2
Watercolor Nature’s Pastels
Enchanted Collection Tans & Vignettes 2
until Midnight EDT Sat., June 8th
No coupon code needed!

CLICK HERE to go to the Peacock Studio store!

The folks at DESIGN CUTS have a great new texture bundle for you! The “Totally Vibrant Textures & Patterns Bundle”! Value $4082 for just $29! I just downloaded all of the goodies yesterday – can’t wait to try some out! This bundle is only available for the next 8 days, so don’t wait! It comes with their full personal & commercial license. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

From the folks at Creative Bloq, a collection of 66 FREE Photoshop Actions. And the Best Sans Serif Fonts of 2019.

And from Pixelo, several new bundles of goodies, – The “Magical Summer Designs Bundle” for just $29; The “Splendid Spring Fonts Bundle” for $39; and the “Ageless Vintage Bundle” for $29. Click each title to visit the website and check ’em out!

Special Post – Topaz AI Bundle Updated!

Apologies for the 2nd post in 2 days, but I just found out today that the Topaz AI Bundle (Gigapixel AI; DeNoise AI; Sharpen AI; and JPEG to RAW AI) were all updated — AND the bundle is on sale for the next week for just $199 ($50 off).

If you already own one or more of the products in the bundle, you can complete your AI group with special pricing based on what you already own.

Go to: and select Products > AI Bundle. Be sure to also log in to your account to get your special pricing.

And, if you already own any of these products, don’t forget to download the free updates!


March 24 – Sunday Sampler

I think Mother Nature forgot to change the calendar to SPRING! It’s been chilly here in CT this week. Some areas had quite a bit of snow and tragic flooding in the mid-West. Stay safe everyone.

This week’s Sunday Sampler is an assortment of textures – a green grungy cracked wall, wet gravel on a trail, and wood grain door. Enjoy!


Don’t forget to grab your copy of my 3 new texture sets – Bokeh 2; Galaxies 2; and Grunge 1! Reg. $6 per set – on sale till midnight tonight EDT for $4.50 per set! CLICK HERE to visit the Peacock Studio!

Design Cuts released a new bundle this week, the “All Purpose Creative’s Design Kit”. I started playing around with some of the new fonts and illustrations, and came up with the birthday card below. After I did one with the watercolor splashes in the background, I tried it with an old paper texture that I created – I think I like that one even better!

Check out the bundle HERE! It expires in just 8 days, so don’t miss out! Just $29 for $1510 worth of resources! See below for a preview of all the goodies!

Another cool bundle of goodies from Pixelo – the “Ageless Vintage Bundle: 55 fonts and 100+ Designs”.

Check out the goodies:

This bundle is also Just $29 (for $1299 worth of products). It expires in 27 days. Check it out HERE!

If you are a studio photographer who also shoots on location, you know what a pain it is to haul around light stands. ThinkTank has come up with a new bag just for you!

Think Tank Photo has just released their Stand Manager 52 rolling case, and it’s an ideal solution for storing and transporting stands of any kind. The case holds up to 4 turtle base C-stands, multiple traditional light stands, or modifiers up to 52” long. It features multiple tie-down straps to secure your stands inside, oversized, shock-absorbing wheels, and rear skid rails which allow you to load in and out of your vehicle with ease.

Click HERE to go to the website for all the details!

Freebies & Finds!

On WebDesignDev “20+ Free Design Goodies” includes fonts, textures, mock ups and more.

And from, “7 Tips to Make Your Photos Stand Out”

Have a great week!