Sunday Sampler Oct. 18

This week’s Sunday Sampler consists of three variables of peeling, cracked rust! Great for creating a grungy old look on your image or background. Enjoy!


With everything I hear and see about the upcoming new LuminarAI, I get more excited!!

In an affiliate press release last week, I found out two things about Sky Replacement AI that I’m very happy about!

  1. There will be an easy function to create sky reflections in water! No more copying and flipping images to create a true reflection!
  2. Instead of just a list of replacement skies to choose from, you will have thumbnails so you can SEE what the skies look like! YAY!!

If you haven’t yet reserved your copy of this amazing new software, be sure to reserve your copy now! It is planned for release in late December. You will have a 30-day trial period beginning with the release date, so there is no risk and you’ll get the best pricing now. If you already own Luminar 4, you will have special pricing available as well.

CLICK HERE for my affiliate link, then log in to your account if you have one.


I haven’t yet chosen the dates for the last 2 webinars of 2020 – I have Barns & Backroads Workshops through 11/11, then we’re scheduled to head to Sedona for a week (depending on what’s happening in the world then!). So I’m looking at probably late Nov. and mid-Dec. to round out the year. Stay tuned!!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Sampler Oct. 18

  1. ???????????questionhave you ever try-looked at ACDSee pro,HazelM.? not so much as a photo editor or as a photo organizerbut as edit>special effects~50-100+ special effects continous special effectsimages with your thumbnail say, you click on continuous reflection: choice  vertical or horizontal orif you want some waves in your reflection click on and you set the wave height, frequency of the waves, smooth, rough etc,????????????????one filter-many choices and when done, you can do save, save-as, cancel or add more than one special effectvs.adobecopy top  half, paste it, free transform/flip horizontal, line up where you want it, say ok.-many stepsBob Green another exampleadobe-distort-twirl you do not know what you get until you say accept-ok, dead center of the photovsACDSee Pro,you can see the amount of twirl you want, you can set the vertical and horizontal coordinates, meaning if you want an off-center twirl, you can do itbefore you say ok 

    1. Hi Bob,
      I’m familiar with the program, but don’t have that one. I have WAY to much software already!! Only so many hours in the day. Sounds like some cool effects though!
      Thanks for sharing,

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