Tutorial Thursday Oct. 15

This week’s Tutorial Thursday has a “spooky” Halloween look! Enjoy!


I began with this image of a pumpkin patch, first using the Healing Brush to remove the little bits along the right hand edge and debris in the bottom right corner.


I decided to fill in some of the open space with a copy of another pumpkin. Using the Quick Select tool, I selected the pumpkin in the center of the image. Once selected, I clicked Control + J to duplicate the selection to a separate layer (Command + J on Mac).

Separately, I copied the shadow to the left of the pumpkin on to its own layer. The reason for the separate shadow, is I selected the pumpkin layer and flipped it horizontally so it would not be exactly like the other one (Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal).

I enlarge the pumpkin slightly and placed in the empty foreground, then moved the shadow into place (also enlarging to match the pumpkin).


Next I added two presets/looks in Luminar 4 – Deep Sky and Mystic, which gave me this look:


I wanted even more drama and spookiness, and applied Nik’s Midnight Filter choosing Sepia from the drop-down menu and opening up the shadows to 73%. Here’s the final look and layer stack:



With everything I hear and see about the upcoming new LuminarAI, I get more excited!!

In an affiliate press release today, I found out two things about Sky Replacement AI that I’m very happy about!

  1. There will be an easy function to create sky reflections in water! No more copying and flipping images to create a true reflection!
  2. Instead of just a list of replacement skies to choose from, you will have thumbnails so you can SEE what the skies look like! YAY!!

If you haven’t yet reserved your copy of this amazing new software, be sure to reserve your copy now! It is planned for release in late December. You will have a 30-day trial period beginning with the release date, so there is no risk and you’ll get the best pricing now. If you already own Luminar 4, you will have special pricing available as well.

CLICK HERE for my affiliate link, then log in to your account if you have one.


With every good story, there’s often a better backstory.

The same is true with the BackStory Series of camera backpacks.
The BackStory’s rear-panel opening offers complete access to your gear while a top panel provides quick access to your camera and speeds your workflow. A deep front compartment with zippered mesh pockets has ample room for personal gear, including a 10” tablet and laptop (size specific). And with its plush shoulder harness and removable waist belt, the BackStory is comfortable enough to wear all day.

Top Panel Quick Access
Rear Panel – Full access to camera gear

Check out all the details HERE at ThinkTankPhoto.com


I haven’t yet chosen the dates for the last 2 webinars of 2020 – I have Barns & Backroads Workshops through 11/11, then we’re scheduled to head to Sedona for a week (depending on what’s happening in the world then!). So I’m looking at probably late Nov. and mid-Dec. to round out the year. Stay tuned!!

This post may contain affiliate links and I will be compensated
if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Thanks!

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