Sunday Sampler Sept. 13

Today’s Sunday Sampler consists of some very cool textures by Deb Peterson of Florida. Very creative effects! Thanks for sharing Deb.


Join me on Tuesday, September 15th at 4:00 pm EDT for
“Behind the Creative Process”

In this webinar I will take several images and show how I decide on which textures to use (including the ones I rejected)! I will take you ‘inside my thought process’ as I determine the direction to take a photo. I’ll be using textures, Topaz and Luminar in my processes.

For those in other areas of the world, here are some time zone conversions (since Zoom doesn’t do it automatically):
4:00 pm Eastern Daylight time (my time – same as New York City)
3:00 pm US Central
2:00 pm Mountain
1:00 pm Pacific Time
9:00 pm London
10:00 pm Spain, Germany
6:00 am Australia (including Melbourne, Sydney Canberra & Brisbane)
5:30 am Australia (Adelaide)
 I use this site for converting time: 

7 New Pastel Watercolor Texture Sets
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Just released yesterday! The most requested texture sets in my survey were Pastels and Watercolors. These sets give you both! I got a little carried away when creating them, so there are SEVEN new sets of Watercolor textures!

I’ve also done a special intro bundle of all 7 sets that is only good through the sale end date of 9/20/20. Keep reading to check them out!

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Here is a tutorial where I used
a few of the new textures! I will also demonstrate this in the webinar.

Here is a rose image with my basic adjustments done in Lightroom:

I first brought in “Splotches 4” from the Streaks & Splotches set. I lowered the opacity to around 40% so that I could see the rose. I added a layer mask and masked the texture off of the flower, leaves and stem. I then raised the opacity of the texture layer back to 100%, leaving the blending mode at Normal.

I then added the “Pastel Wall Texture with White Border 1” from the Textured Pastel set. I copied the mask from the first texture layer by holding the ALT key and dragging the mask from the first layer to the new one (Option key on a Mac). I changed the blending mode to Soft Light and the Opacity to 58%.

Lastly, I added the “Tan – Smoky Edges” texture from the Borders set, changing the blending mode to Multiply and the Opacity to 80%. I did not use a layer mask on this layer.

And that’s our finished image!