Around the Web Sept. 8

I think you’ll all be busy for a while with this week’s round up of articles & tutorials!!


From “Cloud Photography Tips” (add to your sky collection!), “Five Quick Tips for Photographing People Outdoors”, “Silhouette Photography Tips and Tutorial”, “Top 3 Basic Portrait Photography Settings”,


“Photoshop Lighting Effects Tutorials” from Pixel2Pixel.


From CreativeNerds: “Free Cloud Brush Set 2”


Join me on Tuesday, September 15th at 4:00 pm EDT for
“Behind the Creative Process”

In this webinar I will take several images and show how I decide on which textures to use (including the ones I rejected)! I will take you ‘inside my thought process’ as I determine the direction to take a photo. I’ll be using textures and Topaz in my processes.

Coming Thursday…

…SEVEN new sets of Pastel/Watercolor Textures!! I got a little carried away when creating these!! There will be a set with Borders, Graphic Shapes, Old Paper & Writing, Pastels, Textured Pastels, Streaks & Splotches, and Splatters & Bokeh! All in beautiful pastel colors! Whew! They’ll be posted and listed in Thursday’s blog! All 7 sets will be on sale half price!

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4 thoughts on “Around the Web Sept. 8

  1. Hi Hazel  is it possible to put the London GMT for your webinars as well as your local time . I have googled it before but it came up with the wrong time  Many thanks. Carol 

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  2. Hi Hazel,

    Glad that you seem to be better again, which is great. I’ve just registered for your next webinar and note that the start time is listed below at 4pm but the registration link says 3:30 (for 3 hrs, I think). Hope it’s 4:00 (=6am here) but might listen afterwards if not. Either is fine but some others may also wonder.

    Still in an extended lockdown here but many people and businesses are no longer tolerant of the restrictions…

    Take care,



    1. Hi Helen,
      Yes, it’s 4:00 pm. I’ve done several camera club events where we started early for “chat” time – I forgot and did that here – I’ve fixed it! I set it for longer in case we run over the hour the recording will keep going (but I changed that to 1-1/2 hours).

      People are tired of being locked down! Businesses can’t survive if they have to stay closed. Things are mostly open in my area.

      Take care – and thanks,

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