Around the Web June 30

Hard to believe we’re at the end of June already! Enjoy your upcoming Independence Day celebrations in whatever form they may be this year!


“Dog and Puppy Photography Ideas”, “How to Use Depth of Field”, from

“Photographing Birds in Flight” from Outdoor Photography.


“4 Free Spray Paint Photoshop Brushes” from Creative Nerds. There is also a handy “how-to” on installing brushes into Photoshop. Plus lots of other freebies on their site, so poke around!

“10 Free Lightroom Deep Duotone Presets” (LR only, not for PS). From PhotoshopTutorials.

Topaz has released an update to Gigapixel AI. This update includes a model improvement for better results, a new single-image preview view, new zoom options, and the new “man-made” mode to better enhance the details in cityscapes, typography, and other images with clear outlines and sharp edges.

If you already own Gigapixel AI, this is a Free update! Log in to your account on the Topaz Labs website, go to the downloads page, and update from there.

If you do not already own Gigapixel AI, it is on sale through July 7th for $79.99 (reg. $99.99). Gigapixel is what you need to upsize a small image to anything up to poster sized! I also use it to upsize textures if I’ve cropped a small section from an image or I’ve scanned in textures I created with inks or watercolors. Those usually start around 4×6″ and Gigapixel lets me create a large image to be used as a texture. CLICK HERE to go to the Gigapixel AI page on the Topaz website.

They also have the Utility Bundle on Sale, which includes Gigapixel AI, DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and JPEG to RAW for $195.75 (reg. $249.99). Also on sale till July 7th. CLICK HERE to check out the bundle deal!

This image was sized to 4″x6″ for posting on social media…

I enlarged it 600% (to 24″x36″) – this is a close up of the detail – better than the original! Gigapixel not only enlarges the image, it improves the clarity and sharpness!


Last week I released 4 new texture sets! I have THREE sets of sky textures — Puffy Clouds, Stormy Skies and Sunrise-Sunset. I also created a new set of overlays that work great with these skies. The overlays are 3 versions each in Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Copper. They will let you warm up or cool down your images (examples below).

Be sure to read to the end, however! There is also a special bundle deal on all 4 products!

Who doesn’t love a sky filled with puffy clouds! These 12 give you a variety from cotton candy puffs to wispy streaks and more! CLICK HERE for the product page!

Dramatic stormy skies, the edges of storms, and rain with a rainbow edge! CLICK HERE for the product page!

Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets! Stunning colors from pastels to bold to make your images glow! CLICK HERE for product page!

Metallic overlays – gold, silver, rose gold and copper. A great way to warm up or cool down your image! CLICK HERE for product page!

These four textures are regular $12 per set. On sale through July 5th for $9 per set. BUT…if you want to grab all 4 (a $48 value), you can get this special bundle for just $27! That’s only $6.75 per set!! CLICK HERE to get the bundle!

Here’s a barn image (but of course) with a blah sky:

I masked out the old sky and brought in one of the Puffy Clouds skies:

I added one of my bird brushes to add even more drama:

Then I used the Gold Canvas Texture to give it a golden hour glow:

I then tried an even more dramatic sky from the Stormy Skies collection:

I think that is MUCH better than the original, don’t you??

ThinkTank has extended their “Stimulus Sale” of 20% off EVERYTHING until July 5th! Use THIS LINK and the code THINKTANK20 at checkout!

They also just released two new bags – the Freeway Longhauls! These bags can hold everything you need! Check em out HERE!

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated
if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Thanks!

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