Free Textures, New Products and Sales!

This week’s Sunday Sampler started as a motion blur image taken on the Verde Valley Railroad train outside of Sedona in Cottonwood, AZ. If you are ever in that area, it’s a beautiful ride – we’ve done it twice. Here are 5 versions of the texture – enjoy!

You get a seat inside, but we usually spend the time outside in the open-air cars for photos! The train moves slowly so you can enjoy the scenery. This was our second trip, which was a few years ago in December.


You took the survey and I listened! The number one choice for new textures was clouds and skies! Luckily, I had been working on some and we get such great clouds here in Tennessee! (The second choice was watercolors – watch for those soon!).

I have THREE sets of sky textures — Puffy Clouds, Stormy Skies and Sunrise-Sunset. I also created a new set of overlays that work great with these skies. The overlays are 3 versions each in Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Copper. They will let you warm up or cool down your images (examples below).

Be sure to read to the end, however! There is also a special bundle deal on all 4 products!

Who doesn’t love a sky filled with puffy clouds! These 12 give you a variety from cotton candy puffs to wispy streaks and more! CLICK HERE for the product page!

Dramatic stormy skies, the edges of storms, and rain with a rainbow edge! CLICK HERE for the product page!

Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets! Stunning colors from pastels to bold to make your images glow! CLICK HERE for product page!

Metallic overlays – gold, silver, rose gold and copper. A great way to warm up or cool down your image! CLICK HERE for product page!

These four textures are regular $12 per set. On sale through July 5th for $9 per set. BUT…if you want to grab all 4 (a $48 value), you can get this special bundle for just $27! That’s only $6.75 per set!! CLICK HERE to get the bundle!

Here’s a barn image (but of course) with a blah sky:

I masked out the old sky and brought in one of the Puffy Clouds skies:

I added one of my bird brushes to add even more drama:

Then I used the Gold Canvas Texture to give it a golden hour glow:

I then tried an even more dramatic sky from the Stormy Skies collection:

I think that is MUCH better than the original, don’t you??

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3 thoughts on “Free Textures, New Products and Sales!

  1. Thanks Hazel – your Sunday Samplers were terrific!! I did not order any of your clouds as I have been building my own file of sky/cloud/sunset shots for s while now so already have quite a collection, which I have imported into my Textures in Topaz! But I am interested in seeing your Watercolors when they come out!! Happy Week ahead to you!!

    Marg ________________________________

    1. Thanks Marg! Yes, everyone should have a collection of skies/clouds/etc. – glad to hear you’ve been doing that! Will be a couple weeks to get some watercolors finished. Have a great week and a Happy 4th!

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