Tutorial Thursday March 26

A HUGE Thank You to all who watched my webinar on Tuesday! I had originally planned for 100 people, but as the registrations kept going up and up (to over 500!), so I upped the limit on Zoom to 500. Almost 300 people tuned in live!

If you missed the live broadcast, or want to watch again (and follow along with the notes you purchased), it is now live on my YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/lB5FQ4wsfGk. Be sure to subscribe to my Channel as well, so you’ll get notice of future tutorials and webinars.

We also had some great questions from the webinar attendees – some I was able to answer live, but there are more….I will answer some of them here (as our “tutorial” today).

Q: Now that we have Topaz Studio 2, do you ever use the original Studio?
A: I must say, yes, I do on occasion still use Studio 1. I also still sometimes go to Texture Effects and Impression without using Studio at all! Studio 1 has more presets than Studio 2, and while I did migrate some of my favorites, I still find ones in Studio 1 that I hadn’t previously tried.

Q: The question came up about how I was bringing my textures into Photoshop. They seemed to just “appear”!
A: I work with 2 monitors, so I like to have a texture folder open on the 2nd screen and just click and drag a texture into my project. The other way to do it, is to go to File > Open > and choose the texture you’d like to try. Using the move tool, drag the texture over the image and it will become a separate layer.

Q: I demonstrated how to copy a layer mask to another layer.
A: An even easier way to to hold Alt/Option Key and click and drag the layer mask to the new layer.

If you have other specific questions, you can always feel free to email me at Hazel@MeredithImages.com.

The Notes (including images and textures) for the webinar are available in my Peacock Studio web store for just $5. https://www.meredithimages.com/product-category/webinar-notes/

The sale on Textures, eBooks & Personal Training continues through 3/31!

And if you are looking to add any Topaz products, you can use my link: https://topazlabs.com/ref/55/ and the code MeredithImages at checkout to save 15%

Watch for another webinar in April!
I am also working on a course for “Designing Your Own Textures” and thinking of ideas for eBook #3!

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