Tutorial Thursday Feb. 20

Simple blend of Topaz “Look” and 2 of my Cosmos Textures

I love the silhouettes of bare trees! This was part of one of the farms we were looking for cool barns to photograph (workshop scouting!). It was a cloudy day, so there is something “going on” in the sky, but I wanted something much more dramatic!

This is the original image with basic editing done in Lightroom:

From Photoshop, I opened Topaz Studio 2 and applied AI Clear and returned to Photoshop.

Next I opened Topaz Studio 1 and searched the Presets/Looks under Texture Effects. I applied Dramatic HDR. I like the way it brought out the details in the image:

I then added a blank layer and used the Healing Brush to get rid of the power lines:

Before I start trying out textures, I want to have a “merged” image – but I don’t want to flatten my image. So I use the keyboard shortcut Control+Alt+Shift+E to get a merged layer above my individual layers.

I then tried some of my latest Cosmos textures. First #4 at Blending Mode = Multiply and Opacity = 82%. Then Cosmos #19 at Blending Mode = Multiply and Opacity 47%. I masked the texture partly off of the ground on the first texture. I wanted the same mask on the 2nd texture – here’s a quick way to copy a layer mask.

Right Click on the mask you want to copy and select “Add Mask to Selection”. Highlight the layer you want the mask added to (2nd texture) and click on the new layer mask icon. Voila – duplicated mask!

Here’s the finished image:

And the final layer stack:

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