Special Release!

Design Cuts and I have put together a special bundle just for my readers – five new products that I think you’ll love!

I’ve been putting together some samples that show you just a few of the endless ways that you can utilize these products.

In this bridge image, I had done my basic editing in Lightroom and used a Lightroom preset to get the coloring. I first applied Grunge Texture #9 at Soft Light blending mode and 73% opacity, then applied Grunge Texture #11 at Screen blending mode and 66% opacity. I used the PNG versions of these textures (they also come as EPS files for those who work in Illustrator). Finally, I applied the Bonus Overlay from the Delicato Fine Art Texture Pack (rotating it to be horizontal), with a Color Burn blending mode at 60% opacity. Below is the layer stack:

Next I took one of my tulip images. This was photographed against a white lace backdrop in my kitchen.

I began by adding a texture from the Delicato Fine Art Texture set – #11-Ice. Blending Mode = Linear Burn and Opacity = 63%. Next layer from the same set – #01-Melancholy, Blending Mode = Linear Burn and Opacity = 57%. I then added an overlay from the Adorn set (the overlays in this set are PNGs with transparent backgrounds; the Textures are full color). I used #24, the handwritten letter, angled it slightly and sized to my image. I masked it off of the flowers so it was only in the background. Blending Mode = Soft Light, Opacity = 74%. Last, I added the same grunge border overlay as I used on the bridge, this time with a Blending Mode of Color Burn and Opacity of 40%. Below is the layer stack:

The next project I took a single tulip photographed at a botanical garden. I had previously made a selection of just the tulip, giving it a transparent background.

Since I’m starting with a transparent background, I will add the textures beneath the flower layer. I began by adding Delicato Fine Art Textures – #04-Breeze at Normal and 100% (since this is now my background layer).

Next I added Delicato #10-Jungle at Blending Mode = Darken; Opacity = 100%. Then Delicato #15-Mithril at Blending Mode = Multiply; Opacity = 73%.

I topped those off with one of the Soot & Stardust Textures – #2 at Blending Mode = Screen; Opacity 92%. Here is the layer stack:

The last product in this bundle is the Vintage Photo Creator. This gives you a layered PSD file into which you drop your image. You can then turn on and off the various textures, backgrounds, scratches, frames and more. Yes, it comes with instructions! Here’s my two creations:

Red Tail Hawk
Tyja – my friend’s Icelandic horse.

You can grab this bundle of 5 specially selected products for just $33 (which is 50% off) using THIS LINK! On the site you can see also the products in detail with some other examples of how to use them.