Tutorial Thursday Jan. 16

Using Cosmos Overlay to Create an Evening/Night Image

As I mentioned on Sunday, I took one of my new Cosmos textures and made multiple versions with Topaz ReStyle.

I used the “Muted Gray Walls” version over one of my barn shots to create the look of night.

I started with this original image:

I began with a Preset/Look in Topaz Studio 2 called “Striking Grit”, which I had used when I originally edited this photo.

I then brought in the Cosmos-1C-Muted Gray Walls texture above the other layers. I found the original sky to be “too much” when I blended the Cosmos, so I added layer masks to the original image and the Striking Grit layer to remove the sky. I then added a mask to remove most of the Cosmos texture from the barn and foreground.

Here is my final layer stack:

And the final image:

And speaking of the Cosmos textures…

I’ve added two groups of Cosmos textures to the Peacock Studio. These are large groups of 12 textures each, 15″ x 15″, 300 dpi. These were created on the iPad in Procreate!

Regular price $12 per set – on sale 50% off until Jan. 31, 2020 (midnight EDT).



REMEMBER…As I did with the texture in the barn image, you can use Topaz, Photoshop or almost any program to change the colors of the textures, desaturate to B&W, make them Impressionistic and so much more! The first texture in Set 1 (pink & blue) is what I changed to the colors for the barn image!

3 thoughts on “Tutorial Thursday Jan. 16

  1. OK, I went to YouTube and figured out I needed to go to pshop first and it worked out. Starting to make some progress. Thanks for what you do. I’ll call if I get totally stuck. Thanks

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    1. Hi Milton, Glad you got it figured out! You SHOULD be able to go directly from LR to Topaz however. You may want to open a ticket with Topaz and they can help you with that. Personally, I prefer going to PS first though! Thanks, Hazel

  2. I am only now trying to do more editing with Topaz. Immediate problem is trying to take a partially edited image from LR to Topaz. Using “edit in”, Topaz option appears but nothing happens. Image does not open. Going directly to Topaz does not carry existing crop, etc with it. I know I’m probably going about this backwards, but looking for a way to make this work. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks, Milton McLain

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