Sunday Sampler + Around the Web Combo!

Well, this week didn’t go as planned! Enjoyed speaking at Mike Moats’ Macro Conference this weekend – figured I would be home late Sunday night. Instead, headed to TN again! Needed to get some things moving along with electricity and such! Would be nice to have power when I move in this Saturday with 3 cats! Dave will be following in about a week or so.

I was not able to get a post done on Sunday or Tuesday with travel, and computers will be coming apart on Friday. So this is a combo post for this week. I will be skipping at least a week till I can get things back together in TN!

This week’s Sunday Sampler consists of some “neutral colored” textures – concrete, rocks and paint drips. Enjoy!

Around the Web


From Pixel2Pixel, “80+ Best Photo Manipulation Tutorials in PS”

Over on PictureCorrect, “Smoke Photography PS Tutorial”


You’ve seen the bundles of actions available out there – but how do you actually USE them? Here’s a tutorial on How to Run Pre-Recorded Actions in PS” from Hashtags&Keywords.

And another from Pixel2Pixel, “Ultimate PS Tutorials for Beginners”

And also from PictureCorrect, “Fall Foliage Tips for Taking Great Fall Photos”

I’ll talk to you in a couple weeks from Tennessee!!

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