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One of my blog readers suggested this post. Thank you John W.! As you all know, I love my Topaz, and this article will share my top three tools.

#1 – AI Clear

I use AI Clear on EVERY image! It’s totally amazing and the best thing ever created (in my opinion)! AI Clear sharpens, reduces noise and adds clarity in one click. Of course, you can fine tune it to your image and taste, but the majority of the time, the default settings work for me!

If I start with an image in Lightroom, I do my basic adjustments there, then bring it in to Photoshop. I duplicate the layer and then immediately open Studio 2 and apply AI Clear. Then “accept” and return to Photoshop. I like having things on separate layers, so most often, this is my workflow.

However, if I do take an image directly into Studio 2, I would do my basic adjustments there and then apply AI Clear before any other creative processing.

#2 – DeNoise AI

The majority of the time AI Clear does all I need for noise reduction. But if it’s an exceptionally noisy image (like a concert or especially a cell phone image), DeNoise AI does an amazing job at getting rid of noise.

You want to apply enough to reduce the noise, but not go too far with the settings to make your image look out of focus.

Here is an example. Original Concert photo taken on iPhone 8+:

After DeNoise AI:

Close Up of before and after:

#3 – Gigapixel AI

Gigapixel AI lets you enlarge a digital file without losing resolution and having the image get “pixelated”. I find this comes in handy when someone sends me a file to edit and it’s small and low resolution. It is also great if you have a smaller image (say, saved for posting to social media), and need to enlarge it for a print. Optimally you would use the original larger file, but if that file were not available, Gigapixel AI to the rescue!

Example. This original image is 4″ x 6′ for posting to Facebook. I enlarged it at 600% to 24″ x 36″. I think the enlargement looks even better than the original! If this image looks familiar, you may have seen it as the Gigapixel AI product image on the Topaz website!

Original 4″ x 6″:

Enlarged 600% with Gigapixel AI:

Closeup of enlarged image:

Impressive to be sure!

BONUS – #4 – Textures!!

How could I not mention Textures as a favorite tool! As you know from my work and webinars, I often begin with a “Look” (formerly called “Preset”) and then modify it by adding and/or deleting textures, borders, scratches, etc.

The most important part of any creative editing is to have fun, explore, and find your own creative style.


We are in the beginning stages of planning the next Creative Photography Conference! This will be our fourth year coming up in Spring 2020. We had hoped to do a Fall 2019 event, but with the way things changed this year and relocating, it just didn’t come together. However, watch for a Fall 2020 event if all goes as planned!

We’re looking at April 25-26 in Northeast Tennessee for the Spring event. This is a beautiful time to be in TN with all the bright Spring greens and wildflowers. I am also planning an add-on workshop after the main conference to explore the beautiful countryside. Working on some barn and antique workshops as well. Stay tuned for details soon!

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  1. Hi Hazel,

    Your “3 Essential Topaz Tools” tutorial was terrific! Perfect. Just what I expected. Very helpful!! Thank you. Thank you.

    Here are two versions of the same image file taken in Wellfleet. One is color, and the other was converted to BW with sepia tone. Do you have a preference?

    Choices, choices. Decisions, decisions….

    John Whitmarsh Yarmouthport, Mass. Cell: 508-362-3127 Email: jwhitmarsh@comcast.net

    Visit my photo website: http://www.johnwhitmarshphotography.com


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