June 2 – Sunday Sampler

Happy June! May was such a busy month that it totally flew by! The good news is that we’ve purchased property in Tennessee – 1.3 acres of heaven! Now the real fun of purging, packing, etc. We’ll be putting a modular home on the land – plus a workshop/studio for the Peacock Studio! Hopefully move by Fall.

Our property is the “unmowed” area – all the way down the hill to the tree line on the right, then over in front of the little pond and back up the hill. We’ll be putting our house about even with the one in the distance toward the left of the frame.

This week’s Sunday Sampler is “bricks”! An original image plus three variations created in Smart Photo Editor. Enjoy!

New Column!

Welcome to “Inside the Peacock Studio”! In this column (once or twice a month), I will show you the “before” and “after” of an image and explain how I got to the final result. These demos will be processed with some of my own textures from groups that are available in the Peacock Studio online store. There will be a sale on the group(s) used for the upcoming week.

For this first column, I am using an image I took a few weeks ago in my kitchen with some lilacs from our yard.


I started with a trifold background (the kind that kids use for class projects). I put the cup on top of a piece of wood-looking scrapbook paper, and sat that on top of some old books to raise it up and make it easier to shoot. You can see in this original below, that the wood paper curved down slightly – I fixed that in Photoshop.

Before fixing the “floor”, I cropped my image. Then I made a selection of the right hand “board” with the Polygonal Lasso Tool. Control + J duplicated that selection to a separate layer where I could rotate it slightly to make the floor appear straight.

I then cloned out the leaf design showing beneath the cup handle. Then I started adding textures – 4 textures and a border.

First texture is from the Bokeh 2 Collection > Pale Tan. Used at Soft Light blending mode and 50% opacity. This texture brightened up the lilacs and made the overall lighting/color more uniform.

The second texture is also from the Bokeh 2 Collection > Blue-Gray. Used at Multiply Blending mode and 100% opacity. I only wanted this texture on the background and not the lilacs or cup, so I used a layer mask.

The Layer & Mask

Our next texture is from the Watercolor Collection – Nature’s Pastels > Lilacs in Bloom (figured the name made sense!). Blending Mode Soft Light at 67% opacity.

Our fourth texture is from the Enchanted Collection – Tans & Vignettes 2 > Peacock Blend > Bygone Dreams. I also wanted to mask this texture from the lilacs and cup/saucer. Here’s an easy way to copy a layer mask so you don’t have to create a new one.

Click on the layer mask from the Bokeh Blue-Gray layer — IMPORTANTE: Make sure you click the actual mask icon so it is highlighted. RIGHT click on the layer mask and choose > Add Mask to Selection. You will see the “marching ants” appear.

Now select the layer of the new texture and click on the Add Layer Mask Icon (the square with a circle in the middle). The new mask will be applied.

I changed the Blending mode of this layer to Multiply and opacity to 88%. Because I reduced the opacity of this layer, you will see the mask is now more grey than solid black:

For the last step I “burned in” the edges a bit more. I selected a Soft Round Brush around 175 px at 25% opacity and darkened the edges a bit. It’s very subtle, but helped to direct the viewer’s eye to the subject.

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14 thoughts on “June 2 – Sunday Sampler

  1. Congratulations on your purchase! It looks like beautiful property. Good Luck!

    Amy Gonzalez one of your subscribers

  2. I really enjoy your weekly email and now that you have added a new column with before and after showing the steps you took to get to the final image is great…can’t wait for the next one.
    Congratulations on your newly acquired piece of heaven (land)….it’s beautiful and can’t wait to see your new home perched on that hill with the view!

  3. Congratulations Meredith and Dave! It is gorgeous, no wonder you’re going south to Paradise. So very exciting!

    Thank you for the wonderful weekend two weeks ago. Both my husband and I loved the whole weekend. We look forward to the next Meredith Images Creative Photography weekend, wherever it will be.

    Happy moving!

    Hope to see you at NECCC next month. Can’t believe it’s just a few weeks away.

    Buzz Glazier and Dorrie


    1. So glad you enjoyed the Conference – it was a great weekend. Stay tuned for info on next year’s! Yes, Dave & I will be at NECCC – hope to see you three.

  4. Congratulations! The property looks amazing – what a peaceful setting.

    Julie Boyle

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  5. Hi Hazel:

    Thank you so very much in being generous with your textures and ideas

    Question: I want to SAVE your Tutorial on the Liliacs Want to put this tutorial in a Folder on my Desktop Can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated

    Love your new property…so peaceful and quiet


    *Cheers! Irene – photoartbyirene@gmail.com *

    On Sun, Jun 2, 2019 at 9:40 AM Meredith Images Blog wrote:

    > meredithimages posted: ” Happy June! May was such a busy month that it > totally flew by! The good news is that we’ve purchased property in > Tennessee – 1.3 acres of heaven! Now the real fun of purging, packing, etc. > We’ll be putting a modular home on the land – plus a workshop/stu” >

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