March 3 – Sunday Sampler

Happy March! Now that it’s almost Spring we’re actually getting some measurable snow in Southern CT! Luckily with the warmer sunshine, it’s melting quickly. About 4 inches yesterday, 4-8″ coming by tomorrow morning!

This week’s Sunday Sampler is a morning sunrise sky (that I softened with a Gaussian Blur). I then created two other versions with Topaz ReStyle. The B&W version can be used to lighten or darken another photograph. The Multiply Blend Mode will darken; the Screen Blend Mode will lighten; then reduce Opacity as needed.

The new eBook is just about done!!! I promised to deliver the new eBook by April 1st, and we will meet that date! The book is complete and is now being proofread by a few people. Hubby is testing the projects, and my friends Antoinette and Loretta are proofing and checking technical info. It will be going to the printer for DVD’s within the week (this one will be a DVD rather than a CD as there is more info than I can fit on a CD!). This book is 114 pages; 12 projects (including the images, textures and brushes so you can work along with the instructions); and lots of other info including bonus textures and brushes. For those that pre-ordered the electronic version, you will be getting an email from me later this month!

If you haven’t yet pre-ordered a copy, you can grab a copy now for $5 off the list price of $25. Use coupon code preorder5 at checkout – expires midnight 3/9. Click HERE to go to the Peacock Studio store!

I also have some new texture sets in the works that will be released later in March. Check out the current selection while you’re in the store!

A couple of cool Freebies I found this week:

From – “Free 50 Vibrant Swirl Texture Pack” – pretty swirled designs.

And from, “41 Free Photoshop Texture Packs to Make Your Design Complete”

And for just $29 a new bundle from Pixelo“The Ageless Vintage Bundle”. Contains 55 fonts and 100+ Unique Retro Designs! Both Personal & Commercial License included.


4 thoughts on “March 3 – Sunday Sampler

  1. Good morning!

    I have a couple of questions about your upcoming Working with Textures book. Will the textures you supply work with any photo editing software? I use ON1, not Photoshop.

    Also, will I understand the projects in this book if I don’t have the first book? Will you be offering a package of both books for those that are interested?


    Lisa >

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Yes, the textures and projects will work with any program that can do layers (PS, Elements, On1, Affinity, etc.). The only project that is Photoshop only are the Grut Brushes. The supplied images and textures are jpg files that will work with any program.

      The projects in the 2nd book are a little more advanced than in the first book. However, if you are familiar with working with layers, masking, etc., then you would be able to do the projects in book 2. I do a quick review of layer blending modes at the beginning of book 2.

      I am going to post a special discount in today’s blog post (3/10) for both books.


  2. Hi Meredith, Quick question. I have and use precision detail on my desktop computer(windows). I also have Studio on my laptop but it won’t let me use it. All I get is the drop down with try pro in it??? Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Joe Senzatimore

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