New Topaz Product Release!

Topaz has released their newest product based on AI technology – Topaz Sharpen AI!

Sharpen AI is the only sharpening tool to understand the difference between detail and noise by learning through millions of images. This means it will focus on sharpening the things you actually want to sharpen, rather than artifacts or noise. Use it to create beautifully sharp images from even handheld, low-light, and fast-moving photos – try Sharpen AI today!

Get Sharpen AI today for the special introductory price of $59.99, originally $79.99, available until March 15th.

Sharpens and Defines

Most commercial sharpening tools will sharpen everything in your image – including noise. Sharpen AI only sharpens the things you want and brings out the detail and definition in your shot. It only sharpens the good stuff.


When shooting a moving object or in a low-light scenario, motion blur is a common problem. Sharpen AI uses machine learning to stabilize motion blur in your images for a crisp clear result.

Improves Focus

Theoretically, there is no way to recover lens blur in your photos. Sharpen AI remembers patterns in your image and can rescue a blur within ten pixels. When your image is just slightly out of focus, Sharpen AI provides the solution.

Check out the Before & After images on the website HERE!

Sale Price Good only until March 15th!

2 thoughts on “New Topaz Product Release!

  1. Well, I ordered Sharpen AI. It seems to work as a standalone, but when I try to go to it from Studio, Sharpen AI crashes. Am I not supposed to use it that way? Also, I can’t get to it from Lightroom. I’ve gone to LR Preferences and Extension Editor, but it isn’t listed. Do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks

    1. Hi Sue, I am able to access it either way (though when we were Beta testing I thought it was going to be a standalone only). However, I’ve tried several files this morning – both via PS to Studio and as a standalone and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything to them! I don’t use any plug-ins from LR as I prefer the layers of PS, so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be showing up there! I think we both need to open tickets with the help desk.

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