Feb. 10 – Sunday Sampler

Happy Sunday!

This week’s Sunday Sampler is crumpled paper that has a subtle pattern on it. There’s the original and three versions – one creates a nice background bokeh, one is grungy and one is painterly with a light green color. Enjoy! And remember to share your creations in our Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/texturesturnhohumintoaworkofart/

Don’t Miss Out! Last New England Conference!

May 18-19, 2019
at the
Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center
Southbridge, MA

Join us for the 3rd Creative Photography Conference!
We have EIGHT wonderful speakers
covering a variety of creative topics:

Anne Belmont (Chicago) – Lensbaby Specialist
John Barclay (PA) – “Creativity with Topaz” & “Dream, Believe, Create”
Mark Bowie (MA) – “Envision: The Art of Seeing Creatively” &
“Multiple Exposures for Maximum Landscapes”
Betty Wiley (Cape Cod) – “Get Creative with LR”, “Creative PS” & “Luminar”
Hazel Meredith (CT) – “Textures: Turn Ho-Hum Into a Work of Art” &
“Creating Your Own Textures in PS with Brushes featuring Grut Brushes”
Jane Driscoll (CT) – “iPhoneography + Apps” & “iColorama”
Loretta Paul-Goldin (CT) – “Create Your Own Textures with Alcohol Inks”
Jan Doyle (CT) – “Creative Projects with Your Photos” &
“Get Your Name Out – Free Publicity with YouTube”


Friday – 2 Pre-Conference Hands-On Workshops
Join either John Barclay or myself for an afternoon of hands-on learning. Bring your laptop (or follow along if you prefer) and work along with John (Topaz) or me (Textures). We will provide images so we can work together. These sessions are limited 24 people each. $69 for either session. (You must be registered for the Conference to attend these sessions.)

Friday & Saturday Nights – Optional Dinner Buffet
Southbridge is a small town – why wait somewhere for dinner? Join our speakers and other attendees for an expansive dinner buffet. Sit, relax and chat a while! $20

Special Offer! 

While our Early Bird pricing was the best deal for our Conference – and we did say there would be no further discounts – we added a special code for students and friends of each of our speakers (including me). Save $25 on your registration with the code meredith25. This code expires on March 31st and will be your last chance to save $$ on registration.


Workshop Sign-Ups Continue

I still have some spots available for the upcoming new Hands-On Workshops that begin in March on Sunday afternoons. They will be held at a local spot here in Stratford and limited to a maximum of 6 people.

They will feature training on Photoshop, PS Elements, Lightroom, Topaz, Textures and possibly more. There will be PS & Elements sessions for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels (each of these is a separate subject/class). Watch for a schedule to be posted in next week’s blog!

And, if you’re not in CT, remember I have online training available as well! We screen share and can work on any subject you wish – Photoshop; Elements; Topaz; layers/masks; whatever you need help with! You can do a couple of hours or if a package of 10 hours. Email me for more info or go to my website to sign up: https://www.meredithimages.com/product-category/tutoring-sessions/

I’m always on the lookout for freebies and great deals to share with my readers. Here’s what I’ve found this week:

The “original” Bundle Company – Design Cuts – has some great things going on! Their new offering is “The Designer’s Textures & Patterns Collection” – value $2436 – for JUST $29! Check it out below:

CLICK HERE to grab this great deal (Expires in 8 days)!

Design Cuts also has some great tutorials on their site like this – “How to Demystify the Photoshop Mixer Brush”. Check the “Learn” tab for lots more!

And if you work with Procreate on an iPad, they also have an all-new section with Procreate products! CLICK HERE!

Note: Some links above contain affiliate links. Thanks!

Have a great week!

10 thoughts on “Feb. 10 – Sunday Sampler

  1. You asked if I could share a screen shot of how I’m doing it.

    I can’t really send you a screenshot because I really just started last week. My goal is to have commodities filed by type – photos, textures, drawings, databases etc. Then I want a spot to collect it all together for a specific endeavor, say a magazine article or photo project. My current target of opportunity for this second part is OneNote. As I said, I just started last week, but the two trial projects are promising.

    The way I am doing it now, some commodities end up filed with the projects they support. When I need them for another project, I can’t find them. Lightroom offers some solutions for photos, but not so much for drawings, textual material, etc.

    Have I helped?

  2. I’d like to know more about how you are creating folders to gather things more logically. I have the same tedious issue you have. And the file names often don’t support good search results.

    1. Hi Gigi – It’s definitely a “work in progress”! I have folders based on the company I got the product from (ex.: 2 Lil Owls; Flypaper; Photomorphis, etc.), but then I have other folders based on style of texture (ex: concrete; cracked; fabric; gradients; grunge; pastels, etc.). All of these folders are under one main folder called Textures & Backgrounds. I have a separate folder for Illustrations/Vector Art (that’s for clip art or other graphics – borders, shapes, swashes, etc.). It’s a tedious project for sure! I have so many files I’ve downloaded and not even “unzipped” yet! I will include some screen shots of my setup in the blog next week – I’m sure others have these same questions!! Thanks!

  3. I used to get these bundles when they first started offering them, but found that many of them just gathered dust. How would you use them, Hazel? I love the richness of the islamic ornaments and the handmade paper and a couple of others, and probably right there it would cost me more if I tried to buy them separately. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Rebecca, I have many of these bundles as well – you can’t beat the price for sure! I especially like these kinds with lots of textures – I use some on my images. They are also good to create greeting cards and for digital scrapbooking. I’m getting back into doing more graphic design jobs, so they are useful for that as well. I DO need to get all these things more organized! Having separate folders is tedious to look through. I’ve been starting to create folders to gather things more logically.

      1. I’ve had some luck with careful file naming. The search engines are so good and fast these days. I use them more and more. I’m trying to stop filing by project and instead use functional folders. I do think it will make a good blog discussion.

      2. I’d be interested as well about your filing. My Resource folder is now very huge and I have to keep in on a separate drive so it doesn’t take up so much room on my computer. Everything in there is by name – trees, birds, textures, etc. When I purchase one of these bundles, I find I may only use a small percentage of them. I have files setting there I have never used and probably won’t but I am reluctant to delete them! I have hundreds and hundreds of textures, and feel a little guilty if I purchase new ones. I think filing and retrieval is one of the biggest bugaboos of digital artists!

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