Sept. 23 – Sunday Sampler

Hi everyone! I missed sending out a post last week as I was in TEXAS! Check off another state from my list. It was hot, hot, hot! Austin & Dallas.

Got to visit my friends at Topaz Labs and meet them in person! Keep reading for some great info!


This week’s Sunday Sampler is some textures from my hotel rooms! Rugs, wallpaper, tile – they all make great textures! There are six instead of three since I missed last week. Enjoy!


Some exciting news that I can share – and some that I can only tease about!

We scheduled my next Topaz Webinar for Tuesday, October 30th – watch for some Halloween-themed projects!

Yes, Heath is a real person! It was wonderful to meet him, Joe, Rose and Alan, the founder of Topaz. Great bunch of people!

A.I. Gigapixel Updated! A great product is even better! It has faster processing, new settings for even better results – it is amazing to watch the programmers in action (with their PhDs!).

STAY TUNED….for a new Studio Release soon with a feature I’ve been hoping for — can’t tell you yet, but you will love as much as I am going to!


I will send another post during the week with some other cool things from “Around the Web”. Preparing this on Sat. and heading out to do my all-day workshop tomorrow at PPSNYS in Troy, NY!

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Sept. 23 – Sunday Sampler

  1. Great workshop in Troy, Meredith. I think if I keep seeing your workshops I’ll gain a bit more confidence (and expertise) using Textures. See you in May – if not sooner!

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