Sept. 9 – Sunday Sampler

Happy Sunday! FINALLY feeling a little like Autumn today!

For today’s Sunday Sampler, I took an ordinary image of some Sedona Red Rock gravel, and modified it 3 ways in Topaz. An example of how you can take a texture and create MANY other textures from that one image. You can also change the color palette, blur it more, etc. Enjoy!


A.I. Gigapixel 1.1 Update –
Smarter, sharper, resizing, made even better.

With the latest update to A.I.Gigapixel™ the first and only intelligent image resizer for your computer just became even more powerful. With additional options for image enhancement, 3 sets of new Artificial Intelligence models to resize high-quality input images or even images with a lot of noise. We also refined the A.I. in the existing models to produce even more accurate results.

If you had trouble running the application before, we’ve just added CPU processing so A.I. Gigapixel can now run on most computers!

If you already own A.I. Gigapixel, of course the upgrade is free. If you haven’t purchased yet, CLICK HERE to head to the Topaz shop and save 15% with the code MeredithImages at checkout.

P.S. the black & white bird shot in the store and video is one of mine! I was amazed at how well A.I. Gigapixel enlarged a 4×6 photo 600% with even more detail than the original!


TWO fun items this week!!

This past week I taped a TV show with local host and friend, Jan Doyle, who does the show “Wyse Talk” on Branford Community TV. We talked about photography and the upcoming Creative Photography Conference! You can watch the show on Jan’s YouTube Channel HERE! Jan will also be one of our presenters at the May, 2019 Creative Photography Conference, “Using Your Photos in Creative Projects” and “Get Your Name Out – Free Publicity with YouTube”.


And, I will be doing another webinar for LayerCake software, creators of Studio Magic. Their latest release (coming very soon) is “1200 Epic Location Sets”. Save time creating background for your studio shots – you can place your clients almost anywhere in the world with this HUGE collection!

Sets will include:

America on Location: Scenic America; Route 66; The Wild West

Scenic Europe

Doorways to the World

Urban Chic

Africa on Location

and tons of creative ideas – before & afters (check those out HERE)

Registration will be open soon – plan to join me on October 18th at 5:00 pm Eastern Time!

Stay tuned for more details and registration info!



From PixelBuddha, a free Photoshop Action – Warfighter!

And from Creative Nerds, a free Watercolor Brush Set

I purchased this great bundle from Pixelo this week – the “Mighty Design Bundle” with 51 Font families; 67 PS Actions; 500 Premium Backgrounds; 512 Textures; 681 PS Brushes; 70 Text Styles and more! 4932 resources for just $39!

And, if you are a graphic designer or do scrapbooking, there is a great new bundle of resources also available on Pixelo – the “Gigantic Vector Graphics Bundle” – 9229 vector resources for just $39!

And they also have a bunch of freebies available – scroll to the bottom of the web page and click on “Freebies”!




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  1. You do a really nice job on the Topaz webinars and I watched the video in this blog. When I download a Sunday Sampler where do I put it. Can in be in an folder in the Topaz Textures? Guess I can just keep it in Photos as another picture and work from there. Ban Capron – Dallas, TX

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