July 1 – Sunday Sampler

Wow – July! Half way through 2018 already! Time sure does fly these days!


Since this coming week is Independence Day, I though fireworks would make a great Sunday Sampler! You can combine these or apply them to another image – just use the “Lighten” blending mode in PS or Elements. This image is all 3 shots combined:



I am very excited to be a
webinar presenter for this new software
Photoshop Plugins!

This software lets you quickly and easily create some awesome effects including changing seasons, creating sunset looks, lighting effects, reflections, and rainbows as well as compositing, reflections, and much more!

Check it out here – there is a short video that demonstrates some of these cool effects!

StudioMagic helps you create dramatic effects quickly and easily. Join me, Gavin Phillips and software creator, Alan Mayer, for an informative and fun webinar.

Join us on 
Thursday, July 26th at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern time. Sign up even if you can’t make it at that time and you’ll receive a link to be able to watch the recorded webinar any time afterwards. 

And…just for signing up for the webinar, you will receive a Free Set of Elegance PS Actions as well as a movie of how to create a double exposure in Photoshop! (A $47 value) 




Thanks again to the 1,000 people that tuned in to my Topaz webinar a couple weeks ago!! There were over 2,000 registered – GoToWebinar maxes out at 1,000! It’s SO cool to see the “hello’s” in the chat box from all over the world as well as the kind comments.

If you missed the webinar, or want to watch again, the unedited replay can be found here: TOPAZ WEBINAR. The edited version will be on their YouTube channel soon.

I am also offering copies of my Notes from the Webinar – along with some bonus textures – for just $5 in my web store. With these, you get the images I used in the webinar and my detailed instructions so you can follow along and see how I created the final product. Find them in the Peacock Studio HEREJust click on Topaz Notes in the store.

I saved all the questions and comments from the Chat Box so that I can answer a few questions here on the Blog. Let’s get to a couple.

Q: How far do you go in LR before going to Studio?

A: Most of the time, I do my basic editing in Lightroom, then open the file in Photoshop. From there I open Studio – or if I know I want to work in a particular Topaz module (like Texture Effects or Impression) I may open that module from Photoshop. Other times, however, I do open right into Studio if I really want to play with various Topaz modules.

Workflow is one of those very personal things – there’s really no right or wrong, it’s what works best for you!

Q: How do I add my own textures to Studio?

A: You can easily add your own (or other textures you have purchased or downloaded) to Studio.

Open Studio > open any image >

Go to “Adjustments” on the right toolbar > Textures.

Next to “Category” click on the little icon (square with the turned corner).

This will open the “Texture Manager”. If you want to create a separate folder for your own textures, click on “+ Add Category” > Name the Folder and click OK.

Make sure the new folder is highlighted in the left column > then click “Import” > scroll to where you have the textures saved, highlight the textures then click “Open” > they will now be imported to your folder.

To access them back in Textures, click the drop down for Category and select the folder you just created.

I will answer more questions in the coming weeks.



From Creative GraphicaFree FontsThey also have free Graphics and Crafts (word art) – click the tabs at the top.

From Pixel Surplus – various freebies – fonts, textures, graphics and more – Freebie Roundup

And from Deal Jumbo – free textures/photos; fonts; graphics; mock-ups – click the Freebies link to get to all of the various categories. Photo Freebies


Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

A composite of 4 fireworks shot taken at this location!

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