Aug. 6th – Sunday Sampler + More!

Happy August! Wow, summer is just flying by! Today is a beautiful day in CT – 70’s and a nice breeze with low humidity! Love having windows open instead of the air conditioning!

Yesterday my hubby, Dave, and I visited the Danbury Railway Museum in Danbury, CT, for their annual “Rail Days”. He signed up to do a “hands on the throttle” session where he was able to actually control a train within the rail yard! He had great fun!

So this week’s, Sunday Sampler consists of peeling wood from some of the old rail cars in the museum.



Denise is retiring some of her collections to make room for new items! You can grab one or more of these collections for just $8 (originally $24 or more) but only until Tuesday when she changes her website page!!! So don’t wait – head over there now to check them out! Click HERE to visit the site and add to your collection (or start a new collection!).



I always like to share resources that I find – especially freebies – and offers some great tutorials and videos on techniques in Photoshop, Lightroom and more. Check it out HERE!



And over at, you can download “18 Electrifying Lightning Strikes”! They also have a package of 180 different ones for just $5 (scroll to the bottom of the article). Be sure to click on the downloads at the bottom of the article and not the advertisments to the right (not for the freebies!).



I’m excited to announce that Tamron Image Master, Mike Moats, will be joining the line up for the Creative Photography Conference, May 19-20, 2018 at the Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center!


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