Sunday Sampler + Tutorials + Freebies

Happy Sunday everyone! Looks like Summer has finally arrived!

Yesterday Dave & I visited our friends at Chevy Supply of Assonet (MA) to see what new beauties John has restored! He had a couple of sweet rides ready to cruise!

Of course, I also visited the “parts yard” in search of some great rust and textures….which is where I got this week’s Sunday Sampler! The one of the red scratched metal was shot at a fairly low f-stop so only the center is in focus. Enjoy!



I came across this cool article from – “80 Amazing Modern Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials”.

Be sure to poke around the site – they have LOTS of great tutorials as well as Freebies (brushes, vectors, textures, actions and more)!


While Lightroom is pretty intuitive to learn and use, have you ever wondered what the real difference is between the Shadows Slider and the Blacks Slider? I found this great article on – “Shadows vs. Blacks Sliders: How they affect photos differently” that explains the differences in a very clear way with great screen shots to illustrate the points.


Have a great week!


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