Topaz Labs – New Product + Big Sale!!

Hey everyone!

You know I don’t normally send mid-week posts — but when there’s big news I want to share it!

Topaz Labs is having a HUGE 40% OFF STOREWIDE SALE!




Take advantage of the best pricing this year on the complete lineup of Topaz products, with 40% off the entire store from 4/11/17 until 4/16/17. Whether you want amazing photo effects or technically perfect images, Topaz helps you create the looks you love faster than ever.

What is the Collection?
With the recent addition of Topaz Texture Effects 2, Impression 2, and Glow 2, the Complete Collection includes all 17 plugin products, which individually would cost over $1000. We normally offer the Complete Collection at 50% off the price of buying the plugins individually. However, until the end of this sale you can take an additional 40% off the Collection and Collection upgrades – a savings of $200!

What is a Collection upgrade?
If you’ve already purchased an individual product (or several products) from Topaz in the past, our system already discounts the collection upgrade price. As long as you’re signed into your account, you can get an additional 40% off your custom collection upgrade pricing through the end of the Spring sale. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your collection, there is never a better time to buy!

We’re so excited to be announcing the open beta of Topaz Studio. We have released the beta to a small subset of users to identify any larger problems before making the release known to our full contact list. This is the first public beta we’ve done as a company and we hope to glean some great feedback from it. We also wanted to give you a heads up about the product before we blast out about the beta to our full email list. Our upcoming release the date is still TBA, but the beta should continue through the month of April. We’ll be sending another email with release information once we have it all settled.

What is Topaz Studio?
Topaz Studio offers precise, straightforward, natural tools like Basic Color Adjustments to streamlined new adjustments you’ll love. Find an effect you love, add the Adjustments you want, then save your custom effect to have instant access to that exact workflow later/in the future.

You can even share your effects to other Topaz Studio users by using the integrated Topaz Community. That means no more switching between community or local, all effects now show when you pick a category or search (as long as you’re online)

– Multi-image – Open and work on multiple images within the application simultaneously.
– Snapshot feature – to apply your effect to your image and allow you to use it as the input image (saves as a new image in the image tray)
– All effects now show in the effect view. No more local/community separation.
– Ability to drag and drop multiple images at once
– Crop/Rotate/Resize Tool
– Scopes to show your RGB, HSL, and image details to refine your looks
– Photoshop and Lightroom plugin support
– New mask interface with enhanced calculations and ability to combine multiple mask types
– Host Topaz Plugins
– Access All Adjustments during Open Beta

Want to try it?
If you’d like to check out some of the new features of Topaz Studio, the download links are below. However remember, this version is still in Beta, NOT the public release version. Feel free to use it for reviews and to create example images, but please know we are still working on solidifying what the release version will look like based on user feedback.

You can get more information or download the Open beta from :
Found an issue with the beta? We need your feedback! Please submit a support ticket here:

Because the product is in beta there is no need for a license key, when we release your Topaz Studio account will become the key to unlock adjustments you’ve purchased.

– Photoshop CS4+, Photoshop CC 2014+, Photoshop Elements 13+
– Paintshop Pro X 6+, Serif PhotoPlus X5+, Lightroom 2+, Lightroom CC
*Not compatible with Fusion Express or photoFXlab

System Requirements:
– Mac OSX 10.9+
– Windows 7/8/10 x 64bit + OpenGL 3.3
*Does not support Windows 32bit

If you have any feedback on the new release of Topaz Studio’s Open Beta, images you want to share for the product page, or a quote/review about Topaz Studio we’d love to see them! Just submit feedback by submitting a ticket on the Topaz Studio specific help center here:
I’ve been using the early beta versions for about a month – VERY cool product! Makes using all of the Topaz plug-ins very easy – and you don’t even need to be in Photoshop! Enjoy!