March 20th – Sunday/Monday Sampler + More News!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the slight delay this week – was readying new products for the Peacock Studio Online Shop and preparing notes for our upcoming Creative Photography Conference!

Peacock Studio at Meredith Images

I added 5 new sets to the Peacock Studio – some nice soft Bokeh backgrounds and 4 sets of “Spirograph”-style shapes! These were very cool to make! These sets are PNG files with a transparent background so you can use them as overlays over an image or another texture, then change the blending modes and opacity to create a cool new look!

After I finished the sets I thought that these would also work well as brushes, so I’m going to add those to the sets. If you purchase a set before I do that, I will send you a link to the brushes as soon as they are ready – for the same price as the set of 12 spirals! Click HERE to check them out! The Spirograph sets also include instructions on how to apply them to your images and blend them with your other image or texture.


AND…since I’m doing my sixth TOPAZ WEBINAR tomorrow night (Tues., 3/21, 5:00 pm EDT), I will be offering a 25% discount on all eBooks and Textures in the Peacock Shop. Discount good till 3/31. Use the code topaz25. It’s not too late to sign up for the webinar –, but if you can’t join us live, watch for the recording to be posted to their website.


This week’s SUNDAY SAMPLER gives you a sampling of some of the new store products. There is a green bokeh image (different than the ones in the Bokeh package); a watercolor texture with one of the Spirograph images used to create a new background, and also one of the actual Spirograph images for you to use in your own work. The possibilities are truly endless for what you can do with these overlays!



I’m very pleased to say these two great photographers have become friends over the past few years. I had the pleasure of meeting them when I presented at the Cape Cod Viewfinders and they were gracious hosting me in their home. “My room” is always waiting whenever I visit and I’m thrilled that they will be presenting a seminar on “iPhoneography & Creative Apps”.

“Husband and wife Michael and Suz Karchmer are Cape Cod-based photographers who use and appreciate both their traditional camera equipment as well as their iPhones. For the past five years, they have nurtured an interest in and a passion for iPhone photography. In March 2015, Cape Cod Magazine published their article, “The Camera in your Pocket: Mobile Photography on Cape Cod.” These days they share their love of iPhone photography by teaching and leading workshops. Michael likes his iPhone for documenting the people and places he comes across wherever he goes. Suz uses hers to find and capture moments of emotional and energetic exchange, whether in landscapes, travel shots, or intimate portraits.

As traditional photographers, they team together and specialize in theater and performance photography. They have been the company photographers for the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater (WHAT) for the past five years and at other theater venues on the lower Cape. Their theater images have appeared in such publications as the Cape Cod Times, the Boston Globe, the New York Times, Broadway World, and the American Theater Magazine. The main floor gallery at WHAT and the lobby gallery of the Academy of Performing Arts (Orleans, Massachusets) both have rotating exhibits of their production images.

Michael and Suz are members of the Cape Cod Viewfinders Camera Club as well as the iPhone 9, a group of nine Cape artists and photographers. This group was started more than 5 years ago to share skills and knowledge related to iPhoneography. The group often exhibits work together, most recently in Provincetown.

The Karchmers’ photos can be found in Cape Cod and Chatham Magazines and they regularly show their images at exhibits across Cape Cod and beyond.”

Contact Michael at (301-332-2106) and Suz at (240-731-7331). Also, some of their work can be found at

Some of Michael’s Images:

Some of Suz’s Images:

Check out all the awesome Conference details HERE! And come join us for two days of creative inspiration at the Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center, Southbridge, MA. Registration fee includes all seminars, hands-on sessions, snacks and lunch both days, speaker notes, door prizes, vendors, and more! Just $225! AND, if you register by March 31st, you will receive a $20 credit to spend on electronic products in the Peacock Studio shop!

Check out all the details on our website at: to see you there!

Have a great week!



2 thoughts on “March 20th – Sunday/Monday Sampler + More News!

  1. Would be nice if the spirograph in the sample package were a gif or png….just something with a transparent background.

    Thanks! You are doing a nice job!


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