Jan. 22nd – Sunday Sampler, Webinar + Conference Info

Happy Sunday! This week’s SUNDAY SAMPLER consists of texture images from Cape Cod when we were there over the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ve taken these images and applied various presets in Topaz Impression to create some nice bokeh background images for you to use. Enjoy!


And speaking of TOPAZ, if you haven’t yet signed up for my webinar this week, there’s still time! Click HERE to go to the Topaz site and sign up – it’s FREE! And if you can’t make it on Tuesday, the webinar will be recorded and posted on their website for future reference (it usually takes a couple of weeks to be posted after the event).

I’ll be showing some of the techniques I use to modify textures and how I do some creative editing with the Topaz suite of products.





Linda’s session will be on “The Art of Flower Photography”, demonstrating various techniques in Photoshop that she uses to create her beautiful floral photographs. It will include using layers and masks in PS, Nik Filters, Topaz plug-ins and Textures. She will go into detail and show you how to “clean up” your image and remove unwanted features, and how to apply layer masks to isolate the filters and textures used to best highlight your image. This will also cover a discussion on blending modes and opacity of layers.

Linda has a passion for flower photography and post-processing. She has been a member of the Merrimack Valley Camera Club since 2010, and also a member of the Betterphoto.com online photography community for the past six years with a gallery of award-winning images.

Her work has been shown at The Rockport Community House, The Front Street Art Gallery, Hanover YMCA Laura’s Center for the Arts and The Lawrence Essex Arts Center. She attended Northern Essex Community College Photoshop Processing and on-line webinars for Photoshop Painting and Corel Painting.

Visit Linda’s website at: http://lindaszabophotography.virb.com/ and on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/lszabo58?fref=ts.

Get more Conference details and sign up at: http://www.meredithimages.com/





There are a few companies that I have an affiliate relationship with. These are companies that I use myself and that I believe in their products/services and the quality they provide. INKY DEALS is one of those companies. The offer some incredible “bundles” of products for you to use in your work. Everything from brushes, fonts, textures, vector art, presets…the list goes on! Check out their latest deals at INKY DEALS. P.S. There are also some “freebies” available – check the tab at the top of the site!



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