Dec. 18th – Sunday Sampler + Topaz + More!

Hi everyone,

I just checked and saw that this week’s Sunday Sampler is my 54th week! I’ve been doing these since early Dec. last year! I hope you’ve enjoyed the variety of textures and have been able to use some in your work. My textures can be used in both commercial and personal work – just please do not redistribute the textures. Tell your friends to sign up for the blog and get their own copies! This week’s textures are from Bethlehem, PA during our workshop last weekend. The consist of threads in a loom, and a stone wall and stucco part of the wall on one of the remnants of the Bethlehem Steel plant. Enjoy! And if you’re on Facebook, be sure to join our texture group and share some images:



I sent a post a few days ago and have been posting daily on Facebook with the product of the day. Each product sale is for 40% off and runs for 4 days.

Today’s feature is STAR EFFECTS. Use the code STARFX12 at checkout. I used Star Effects on this image from Bethlehem to add star points to the tree lights and other lighting in the image. I used a very subtle look here, but there are many presets and adjustments you can make within the program.


I can’t give you the whole rest of the list, but tomorrow’s product will be Topaz Glow! Don’t miss this awesomely creative plug-in! Coupon code is GLOW12 at checkout. Stay tuned for the last four days of sales!!



Nate Dodson of YouTube channel tutvid has put together a comprehensive video that covers 30 of the most important Photoshop tools, features, and how to use them.

In the lead in to this video it tells you what tool or function is covered at what time point in the video so you can skip ahead to what you need.

And here is another post with a link to 20 PS Tutorials that has some great info.


Have a great week and a beautiful Holiday Season with those dear to you!

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