Twelve Days of Topaz!

If you are “friends” with me on Facebook, you’ve seen the posts the past few days. If not, here’s the scoop!

My friends at Topaz Labs are doing twelve days of specials on twelve of their best products! Each sale actually runs for three days, so you have some time to jump in. It’s a great way to round out a collection with some missing items.

Each item is 40% with the code for that item. Links are embedded in the items below. Here’s what’s on sale so far:

12/12-12/15 (ending tonight) – TOPAZ DETAIL – Code DETAIL12

12/13-12/16 – TOPAZ DENOISE – Code DENOISE12

12/14-12/17 – TOPAZ SIMPLIFY – Code SIMPLIFY12

12/15-12/18 – TOPAZ IMPRESSION – Code IMPRESSION12 – One of my top 3 Topaz favorites!

Coming tomorrow – 12/16-12/19 – TOPAZ REMASK – Code REMASK12

I’m not allowed to disclose future promos, so I’ll send another post in a couple of days! But I will tell you that two of my other favorites are coming up!! 😉



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