Dec. 4 – Sunday Sampler + New Ideas

Hi everyone,

I can’t even believe it’s December already – where has the year gone? It’s been a busy one, but a good one, here at Meredith Images.


This week’s Sunday Sampler was created from images taken last Spring during our Smoky Mountains Workshop. Watching the devastation of the fires there this past week broke my heart. While I know the mountains will recover – and fire is good for a forest at times – and property can be rebuilt – the loss of lives is terribly sad.

The ferns, mossy rock and tree shadows on a church roof have been modified with Topaz Impression to give you some textures to use in tribute to the beautiful mountains.



Several months ago I mentioned starting a “52-week project group” over on Facebook. The group is live – join us at:

The group is based on this article: You don’t have to commit to doing all of the projects – I know we all get busy – but feel free to join the group and post images for the projects that you try. It’s some good motivation to expand our photographic reach and try some fun stuff!


I had an idea the other day to start a monthly “Topaz Q & A Corner”. I love using Topaz and would welcome questions from you, dear reader, on things you would like to know about the various programs within the Topaz Suite. And if I don’t know the answer, I will try to get the info from my friends at Topaz!


I’d also be happy to do a 2nd “Q & A Corner” on topics other than Topaz as well. Feel free to email questions on anything photographic – other software, general how-to photography questions, etc. Email me at:



Another way to keep informed of the upcoming events at Meredith Images! Join our MeetUp group at:


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