Nov. 27 Sunday Sampler + Last Call!

Hi everyone – I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. We spent a couple of days on Cape Cod – relaxing (believe it or not!). Our timeshare was right on the beach – unfortunately Mother Nature wasn’t too cooperative with sunrises & sunsets. Did manage a little color in the mornings, but briefly. The shot below was the 10 minutes or so of color that we had on Friday morning. Once the sun rose up and behind the clouds it was over!

This week’s SUNDAY SAMPLER comes from that trip – rock textures from a jetty off the beach. Thanks to my hubby Dave for these textures and the sunrise!



I’m sure everyone is done being inundated with “Black Friday” specials – I promise to be brief – and just mention “last call” for our store wide 50% off textures sale and 25% off my eBook.

The one change is that I am extending the discount on the “Creative Photography Conference” until December 5th! Our New England Camera Club Council webmaster was away and couldn’t post my info, so it will go up this week. Since this is the only time we will offer this discount, I didn’t want anyone who is interested to miss out!

If you want to check any of the other specials I mentioned in my blog post the other day, you can CLICK HERE!


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