Nov. 13 Sunday Sampler + more!

Hey everyone,

This week’s Sunday Sampler consists of some concrete and slate in beautiful tones for your work.



Join me this Tuesday at 5:00 pm EST  for some creative techniques using the Topaz suite of products! Sign up at:



Hunt’s Photo and Bosque del Apache are pleased to announce the third Photography Intensive Jan. 5-8, 2017. Join three photography pros and photograph the sandhill cranes and snow geese! I participated in the first workshop and it was a ton of fun. Classroom sessions, in-the-field instruction and meals are includes in the fee of $650. Find all the details at:



“How to take a Non-Crappy Photo of the Moon”

By now you’ve heard that tomorrow night is the biggest Supermoon in years! And there won’t be another this big for 18 years – so get out there and grab a great photo!


Have a great week!

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