Hunt’s Annual Sale – Some Great Specials!

Hi everyone,

My friend, Gary Farber, and his crew at Hunt’s Photo + Video are having their 40th Annual Show & Sale this weekend, Nov. 4-6.

There are some specials going on all weekend – both in store and online – CLICK HERE for the deals!

AND there will be extra special deals each day of the show (one day only deals) – CLICK HERE FOR FRIDAY’S DEALS! (check back on Sat. & Sun. to this link for the daily deals)

A couple of items in the Friday specials that are exceptional deals – the Spyder 5 Pro & Spyder 5 Elite for calibrating your monitor and/or printers and projectors. Great pricing at $99 for the Pro ($90 off!) and $179 for the Elite ($100 off). This is the product I use to keep my monitors accurate so my images always look their best.

I purchased the Canon 70D with the 18-135 STM lens almost 2 years ago – I LOVE this camera and the lens is excellent! I like the range of this lens (combined 2 previous lenses) and it was designed to work with the camera’s video capabilities as it has silent focusing. Just $1049 for both with some added free goodies (bag, memory card and more).

Another item I use that I love when photographing textures or still life at home as well as macro in the field, is an LED light. Gary has two deals – the Promaster LED 120SS at the bargain of $49.95 ($40 off) – and the new Savage LED204 Luminous Pro (shipping mid-Nov.), which features bi-color lights for variable temperature, dimming, and more for $91.79 ($16 off). I also like that you can use these hand-held to direct the light where you want it, as well as attach to your camera’s hot shoe.

If you are in New England, visit Hunt’s in Melrose, Cambridge, Boston, Holyoke, Hanover, Manchester, S. Portland or Providence. Or check out the website and give them a call with your order! The folks at Hunt’s are always willing and able to answer questions and help you choose the right products.