Oct. 9 – Sunday Sampler + Tutorials + More

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope all those who live in the states impacted by the hurricane are OK. It’s a rainy day here in the Northeast, but nothing like a hurricane – we need the rain.

This week’s Sunday Sampler are some brick textures from last weekend’s trip to the Scranton Lace Company. Brick alone makes a great texture, but when you add in some peeling paint, it takes it to a whole new level!

Photoshop Tutorials

I love sharing cool things I find on the web. These links are from Graphic Design Junction. This first one has 15 Amazing Text Effects and the second one has 23 Photoshop Tutorials to Learn Creative TechniquesSome techniques are more advanced than others, but they are a great way to learn more about Photoshop and how tools and things work. Be sure to poke around the site for more cool “how-to’s”!

Photoshop Actions

A quick way to apply a certain “look” to a photo – and easily repeat it – is to use actions. Inspiration Feed has compiled resources for 500+ FREE Photoshop Actions for PhotographersIt covers everything from grunge, to retro, to matte look, turning night into twilight, and so much more.

Textures & More

Photoshop Tutorials offers tons of freebies – TEXTURES, brushes, fonts and more. Once you go to the textures link, click on the various tabs at the top to find more goodies!

Chrome Web Store

If you use Google Chrome as your web browser, there are tons of free “extensions” that you can add for just about any task. This page has a bunch of things for Photographers to do some creative editing.

Creative Photography Conference, May 20-21, 2017

The speaker line up is coming together! I have an awesome group of photographers/artists that will expand your creative horizons.

We’ll be featuring: working with textures and overlays; creating textures; compositing multiple images in Photoshop; using Topaz plug-ins; mixed media in Photoshop; in-camera creative techniques (including movement, multiple exposures and Lens Babies); iPhoneography and various creative apps; and some time to photograph with all of our speakers around our conference location (you’re going to love this building!).

So far the line up includes:

Stay tuned for more details as things get firmed up. I will be adding another speaker or two.




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