Great New Deals!

Hi everyone,

I don’t often do a mid-week post, but between yesterday and today I received emails on several new products and I wanted to get the word out to you.


You’ve seen the great deals in the past from this talented bunch from the UK. Today they released “The Enormous, Authentically Illustrated All-in-One Toolbox” from Lisa Glanz, one of the best designers around today. AND just until tomorrow, the bundle is HALF PRICE – Reg. $39 on sale for just $19 (51% off). Don’t hesitate on this one! These illustrations are great if you are a scrapbooker, designer or anyone who loves beautiful illustrations and cool fonts! GO HERE for the deal!

And their current “regular” deal bundle is “The Essential Hand-Made Vectors Collection” – worth $4668, deal price $29! This one expires in just over 6 days from now. CLICK HERE!




On Sunday I mentioned the updated Airport Advantage Roller Bags. The designers at Think Tank have been very busy and they now offer a new bag to carry your Drone and all the extra gear you’ll need!

Think Tank Photo’s New Lightweight

Airport Helipak for 3DR Solo

Offers Maximum Capacity, Comfort and Portability

Drone users can now carry their 3DR Solo, 15” laptop, controller, GoPros, charger, spare rotors, extra batteries, jacket, tools, and more in a robust and yet lightweight new backpack, the Airport Helipak for 3DR Solo from Think Tank Photo.  Unlike rigid hard cases that lack extra carrying capacity and comfort, this new backpack is designed for 3DR drone enthusiasts who want to be able to carry all of their gear with them all the time.

“The number one complaint of drone users about their bags is that, after just a few hours, their bodies are rebelling from the pain,” said Doug Murdoch, Think Tank’s CEO and lead designer.  “For a decade we’ve released photography and outdoor backpacks designed to hold expensive and extremely heavy photographic equipment.  The very same principles we used for them have been integrated into the Airport Helipak for 3DR Solo backpack.  Now they can venture deep afield with all of their gear and no concerns about comfort.”

Click HERE for all the details.




If you do not already calibrate your monitor, you should be! I’ve been using Datacolor Spyder products for years. I have the current Spyder5ELITE+, which now has a free update if you already own the product.

New Features Include:

Automatic Room Light Switching – automatically changes your profile as light conditions change

Soft Proofing/Device Simulation – simulate how your photos will look on any printer or device

Updated StudioMatch – make all connected displays look the same

And much more!



And a great place to buy a new ThinkTank bag or Spyder5Elite+ is at Hunt’s Photo and Video! Gary Farber and his staff are fabulous and will answer any questions you may have on this product or anything that they sell! Check them out at




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