Topaz Glow 2 Update – Coming Tuesday!

Next Tuesday (8/16/16) Topaz will be releasing Topaz Glow 2, an updated version of their electric lighting and glow effect software, complete with new features. As always, the update is free to anyone who already owns Glow. And for those who don’t own it, Glow 2 will be on sale (30% off!) from August 16th – September 2nd. Click HERE to go to the website, then use the code GLOW2 to get the discount! Reg. $69.99, sale price $48.99.

New features in Glow 2 Include:
– Over 30 New Presets – That brings the total to over 100 included effects to amplify your images or give you a boost creating a personal look you love.
– New Masking Module -You no longer need a host editor like Photoshop to create masks on your images! Now, you can open Glow 2 and mask areas of your image directly from the application using luminosity, color selection, a spot mask, or a traditional brush mask, and yes it’s color aware 🙂
– Unlimited Undo/Redo – That’s right! As long as you don’t close the program you can now undo or redo to your hearts content (as far as your system memory will allow.)
– Topaz Community Integration – Topaz Glow 2 is the 3rd of our products to include the Topaz Community, an easy way for users to search save and share custom made presets with other Glow 2 users around the world. Surf an ocean of hand crafted presets, then download and apply with a click. Or share your custom presets for other users to try.
– Automatic Preset Backup – as long as you’re signed into your account when you save a preset, that preset will be privately uploaded to the community then synced on any other machine you sign into.
Here are some images I created with the new software:

New York Central HDR+Topaz Glow 2-Wonderland-web

Sunflower Field-Glow II - Fur & Feathers II

AND…As I’ve demonstrated in my Topaz Webinars, you can take a texture and modify it with Topaz products as well:


Texture 1

With Topaz Glow > Afterglow > Darkening

Texture 2

With Topaz Glow > Afterglow > Wanderlust

Texture 3

You can continue to expand your library of textures by modifying with Glow, Impression, Texture Effects, Simplify and more!


There have been some compatibility changes to the program as well. Glow 2 requires Windows 7+, Mac OSX 10.9+, and a GPU with OpenGL 3.3 or higher (this replaces the older requirement for OpenGL 2.1). Be sure that your computer is able to handle these requirements so that the program will work!

2 thoughts on “Topaz Glow 2 Update – Coming Tuesday!

  1. If you go to Topaz Downloads and download what you think will be the first version of Glow, it actually will download Glow 2.



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