24 Launch Special at Design Cuts – 2 Lil’ Owls Textures!

Hi Friends,

Most of you know that I love the textures by Denise Love of 2 Lil’ Owls. Design Cuts has launched a new bundle of tons of NEW textures, borders, masks, and some tutorials — but the launch price of $19 is only good for 24 hours! Don’t miss this one!




Do you love textures?

Well it’s time to get excited, as you can now access the biggest ever collection from texture legend Denise Love, the mastermind behind 2 Lil Owls.

After months of preparation, the Totally Hand-Crafted Texture Toolbox is here – bringing you 400+ hand-made textures, tons of creative bonuses and in depth video workshops! You’ll learn exactly how to work with your new textures, and even how to create your very own from scratch!

To celebrate this launch, the Totally Hand-Crafted Texture Toolbox is available for 51% off for the first 24 hours only. After this, at 3pm GMT, August 3rd the price will return to $39. If these textures and workshops were sold at Denise’s usual price point, they would cost over $400!


3 thoughts on “24 Launch Special at Design Cuts – 2 Lil’ Owls Textures!

  1. Well, they are ALL firmly ensconced in my Lil Owl LRCC Textures subfolders. (Seduced again. But if I can remember back that far, I don’t recall being seduced being all that bad.)

  2. My first response was to say, “Shoot, Hazel has done so much to show me how I can take the large number of textures that I already have, and then play around and put my own stamp on them What do I need with more textures?” Then I took a look at what was included in the offer. Amazing! I have not seen anything to match this offer both in terms of quality and in terms of volume.

    1. You should definitely get this bundle Jack! Denise’s textures are wonderful – very high quality – I use them often – I’ll be grabbing this deal myself!! Definitely can’t beat the price either! 🙂

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