May 8th – Sunday Sampler + More!

Finally – some sunshine!!! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there, and wishing good memories to those whose Moms are no longer with us.


This week’s Sunday Sampler is a few more textures from The Old Game Farm last weekend. Mossy old concrete, peeling paint and a little more rust make up this week’s selections.

Click HERE to grab ’em! Don’t forget to share your creations over in our Facebook group: “Textures: Turn Ho-Hum into a Work of Art”.




Don’t forget to grab your 40% DISCOUNT on the Topaz Suite of 17 Products – here’s your chance! Reg. $499.99 – now just $299.99, a savings of $200! And the savings aren’t just for new collection purchases either. Owners of the older Topaz Collections can take advantage of the savings as well! You will just need to log in to your account to see your unique Collection upgrade price, then apply the code for 40% additional savings!

Click HERE for the deal – and enter the code SPRINGSUMMER2016 at checkout.


Over at DailyDigi, they have a cool tutorial on utilizing Gradients in your photos. This applies to both CS/CC and Elements.

For some advanced tutorials, check out for 40 cool Photoshop projects.

And if all of that doesn’t keep you busy long enough, there’s a HUGE list of PDF tutorials available over on PhotoshopEssentials.comThis is a subscription program, but it might be worth it for a while to get a LOT of information!

Have a great week!

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