April 24th – Sunday Sampler – Late Again!!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay again – almost done getting the home office redone! Couple more boxes of stuff to sort through and find a home for (or send to the trash)!

For this week’s textures, I took a photo of a simple blue towel (#1). I then applied the Stained Glass filter – in Elements (#2). #3 has a slight Gaussian Blur; and #4 is a much greater amount of blur. Remember, you are not limited to just the image you take for a texture – you can modify it countless ways and change colors as well. P.S. I did not add the brighter center to the stained glass image – it happened by itself when I applied the filter – happy coincidence!

Click HERE for this week’s textures.

And yesterday at our Connecticut Association of Photographers board meeting, my good friend Loretta Paul-Goldin surprised me with a framed copy of my eBook! It was like getting a gold record! A much appreciated gift – now hanging in the home office! Thanks Loretta!Framed CD

If you haven’t yet grabbed your own copy, visit www.MeredithImages.com/products/