March 13th – Sunday Sampler, Topaz Webinar, Workshop

What a beautiful Spring week we’ve had! My crocuses are starting to bloom and the daffodils are growing! Spring is in the air!

This week’s textures are three that I’ve modified with Topaz Impression. You all know that I love Topaz products, and not only can you modify your images, you can modify your textures!


If you haven’t yet, you can still sign up for my Topaz webinar – it’s this coming Tuesday, March 15th, 5:00 pm EDT.

Be sure to log in early! The webinar has a limit of 1,000 people and the last one was filled almost 10 minutes before 5:00!

If you do miss it, the webinar will be recorded and posted on the Topaz site – usually within a few weeks.


And…don’t forget to sign up to join us on Sat., April 16th for an HDR/texture field workshop at Chevy Auto Supply, Assonet, MA. Just $40 per person. Great place to practice your HDR (I will help you get things set up and show you how to bracket your images)…it’s also a GREAT place for LOTS of texture shots! Rusty metal galore!

Sign up on my website:

CSA - Textured

CSA - Smiley

2 thoughts on “March 13th – Sunday Sampler, Topaz Webinar, Workshop

  1. Hazel, this was a great webinar, thank you. I really enjoyed you demonstrating the integration of several products. I only recently started experimenting with textures and they are everywhere to photograph.

    One question if I may, if I have a texture with multiple shades of brown is there an easy way to transform it into the same texture with shades of blue for example.

    1. Hi John, Glad you enjoyed the webinar! Thanks!

      There are a couple of ways to change the colors of your texture – one is with Topaz ReStyle – there are hundreds of color palettes that can change the look of your texture! The other is with a hue/saturation adjustment in Photoshop (or Elements). By changing the hue, you can change the colors. I use both of these methods to create a variety of textures from one image.

      Have Fun!!

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