Feb. 7 – Sunday Sampler + Seminars/Webinars

Meredith Images-Sunday Sampler Logo - blue textures

Welcome to this week’s “Sunday Sampler”! I was playing around with the “Sunday Sampler” header – I used a couple of the textures that have been supplied over the past few months! I added a color overlay to the stucco background to change the color.

To do that, add a blank layer above your texture layer. Choose a foreground color > Control + Backspace fills the layer with that color. Then play with the blending modes and opacity to get the color you like! Just one more way you can modify your textures.

This week’s textures are a few more “rusty” ones – you know how I love rust for texturing images!

Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/1L8LM5j



I’m happy to say that I am scheduled to do another Topaz webinar on Tuesday, March 15th at 5 p.m. EST. This one will be about working with — wait for it — Textures!! 🙂  I will demonstrate how to modify your textures with various Topaz products, then bring them in to Topaz Textures and utilize that program to apply the textures to your images.

They will post the info after March 1st for sign up. If you wish to watch the webinar live be sure to log in EARLY! While attendance is open to 1,000 viewers, they allow more to sign up as people sign up and then don’t log in that day. So, be sure to sign on about 10-15 min. before it starts or you may get shut out!! They do, however, record the webinars and post them on their website and/or YouTube channel to watch again later. To see my December webinar replay, go to:


Scroll to the bottom and click “see more archived webinars” and scroll down to mine.


If you are in the Danbury, CT, area, I will be doing a seminar at the Candlewood Camera Club on March 22nd about plug-ins including the Topaz Suite.

March 4-6 I will be teaching at the Horizon Photography Summit in Wilmington, DE.


May 26th, I will be at the Baltimore Camera Club for a seminar on HDR & Topaz.

And, July 15-17 is the biggest photography conference in the country! The New England Camera Club Council 71st Annual Conference held at UMASS, Amerst, MA. Join 1,000 other photography enthusiasts for 3 days of “live, eat, breathe” photography! We have LOTS of great speakers attending this year! Details will be posted in late Spring on their website at www.NECCC.org.  This year I will be doing a pre-conference hands-on workshop on “Textures”, as well as co-leading the Camera Club Sparkle session with my friend Loretta Paul-Goldin. If your camera club has questions about any topic, this is the place to ask them!

I’m working on confirming dates for a few Spring field workshops. We’re going to head back to our favorite rusty car spot in Massachusetts; probably head to Steamtown – where for the first time in many years, they will have a steam engine of their own running! That will be in conjunction with a day of photographing waterfalls.

And, looking at a couple of other spots. Is there somewhere you would like to see a field workshop in New England? Send me an email and give us your ideas!

Till next week!