Textures eBook – Topaz promo code extended until Sunday!

Hi everyone,

If you did not already know, I was pleased to be a presenter for a Topaz Labs webinar this past Tuesday. I used a variety of Topaz products to turn photos “from Ho-Hum to a work of art”!

At the end of the seminar Topaz gave out a code for 25% all Topaz products through Sunday — Hazelweb1 — this can be used for purchasing any product, the whole bundle AND to upgrade if you are missing any of the latest products (to upgrade, just log in to your account and it will tell you how much it is to upgrade based on what you already own. You can then also use this code to save an additional 25%).

I had also offered a special 25% off code on my Textures eBook — TOPAZ25. This was scheduled to end at midnight Friday — I am going to extend it until Sunday as well.

So if you haven’t already grabbed your copy (available on CD or electronically), visit http://www.MeredithImages.com/products/ and save $5 off the regular price of $20. Makes a great gift for yourself or a friend!

Stay tuned over the Winter months for upcoming workshops, seminars and – hopefully – more webinars! I’ve had fabulous feedback on Tuesday’s session – thank you to everyone who commented. It is very much appreciated.

Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday season on whatever holiday you celebrate. Have a safe, happy, and healthy New Year and I’ll talk to you in 2016!

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4 thoughts on “Textures eBook – Topaz promo code extended until Sunday!

  1. Greetings, Meredith! I attempted to purchase your book (electronic) the night of the webinar and was unsuccessful. I received a message indicating the payment was being routed through too many locations and would not be accepted. I suspect this is due to being outside the States and using a VPN. Do you have another option aside from PayPal? I have not had any difficulty in other purchases with a more direct purchasing line. Just wondering. Please advise, as you are able. Respectfully, David Thayer


  2. Hazel, I watched the webinar! You were awesome! Looking forward to seeing you back there! Your style of teaching is very relaxed and you don’t get too complex which some of their other presenters do. Also, I just got your CD in the mail. I haven’t tried to work with it yet, but I am very excited to get started making my own textures. Also I have the Topaz Suite which I purchased 2 years ago. I am not ready to update yet, but I do use it all the time. Keep up the good work!

    Carol Kurwelnz

    Sent from my iPad


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