Creating Text Effects in Photoshop

There are unlimited resources on the web to learn how to do just about anything in Photoshop. Here are some good ones for learning how to create various type effects (fire, smoke, flowers, rust…the list goes on and on). Most of these will only work with Photoshop CS/CC, though Elements users may be able to do some of them.

Here is a great resource to bookmark from Creative Nerds – 70 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Perfect Typography. (Note: Since it is such a large list, it does take some time for all of the sample images to load.)

Another great resource is PSD Vault for many more type effects. And find even more here on Tuts + and Photoshop Roadmap.

When you are on the various sites that these effects direct you to, be sure to look around and see what else they offer. Most of the sites have many more tutorials on various processes, and a good deal of them are free!

Feel free to share your creations with me and I’ll post them on the blog!

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