NEW! Topaz Impression!

What a FUN new plug-in!! This newest offering from my friends at Topaz actually works as a stand-alone rather than through Photoshop or Lightroom. You just open your photo into the program and choose one of the awesome presets. You can then tweak the settings to your liking, including the type of canvas that your image is “painted” on. Lots of fun!

From now till the end of September, you can save 25% off (regular price of $99.99) through this link:


Here are a couple of samples I’ve done….

Yellow Rose - Pointillism I-Marble-web

Childs Park #1 - web - Impression

2 thoughts on “NEW! Topaz Impression!

  1. I ordered impressions through the link in this email. Are you doing an HDR event on a weekend this fall? I am going to Western NC next week and will miss the club meeting again. I will bring cat food the 2nd meeting in October.



    1. Thanks Christy! This program is SO much fun! I’ve also started playing with texture shots to give them different looks! (More on that soon!) I’ll be in touch on an HDR class — I have a couple other people interested in one as well. Have to see where I can get it in the schedule! Have fun in NC!

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