Topaz April Promo-50% off Detail!

If you want to make the details of your images “pop”, Topaz Detail is the perfect plug in! If you do not already have this fabulous suite of programs, you can purchase Detail at 50% off until April 30th. Reg. price is $39.99 – Save $20!!

Click HERE to get your discount! Discount code is aprdetail

Here are the main benefits of Topaz Detail:
* Better control over image detail. Detail uses size-based processing that lets you independently adjust small, medium, and large details.
* More natural images. The technology in Detail substantially reduces the halos and artifacts you get from over-sharpening.
* More volume and three-dimensionality. Detail can enhance larger image features to increase the perceived “depth” of your photo.

This is one of my award-winning images that I used Detail to bring out the depth in the water droplets.Pink

Click HERE to get your discount! Discount code is aprdetail

2 thoughts on “Topaz April Promo-50% off Detail!

  1. Hi Hazel Is topaz detail only a download or can we get a disc? Can’t seem to find that info. See you Tuesday at Castle Craig camera club. Deborah Ruzzi

    1. Hi Deb,
      They are download only. The best part about that is you get free lifetime upgrades! You can always access through your account on their website and can look up your product keys if you need to in the future. They can always be re-installed should you get a new computer. See you Tuesday!

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