Gistiq Flashmate LED Light – Special Price!

At my Textures Workshop last Saturday, I demonstrated using the Gisteq Flashmate LED Light when taking photos of items to use as textures in your work. I use this light for many situations, and love it especially since you can control the amount of light output as well as the temperature of the light (cooler or warmer), thus changing the look of the scene you are photographing. Not only is it great for studio work, but it is also great for lighting dark areas when shooting HDR images, portraits, and much more.

Here is the product description:
“GiSTEQ Flashmate LED video light is the perfect continuous lighting solution for your HDSLR or video cameras. It uses the latest LED “Matrix Lighting” technology that gives you the best lighting possible. With great color, warm & soft lighting, it enhances your subject matter. It’s nearly heat-free, giving you the perfect cool & comfortable shooting experience.It’s also compact and light weight. The Brightness can be adjusted to your liking, and output is flicker-free, ideal for video subject’s use. Its eco-friendly nature saves power and lasts longer. GiSTEQ Flashmate LED video light is the best tool for your video and camera lighting needs.”

•High quality 198 soft-light LED light bulbs
•Dual-Color temperature bulbs design
•Color temperatures adjustment function
•Brightness control adjustment wheel
•Special Appearance design
•Battery power indicator
•Eco-friendly & power saving
•Multiple battery options
•16:9 widescreen design
•Expandable up to 9 LED panels

Until March 24th you can get special pricing on this great light from my friends at Hunt’s Photo & Video by using this link:

The discount will show in the cart or the code is ddEZh.

This will become your new favorite gadget bag “must have”!!

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