Spring Semester Adult Ed Registrations are open!

For the Winter/Spring Semester, I will be again be teaching for both the Milford and North Haven Adult Education programs. We will begin the semester with a 6-week Photoshop Elements Intermediates class, followed by a 4-week Photoshop Elements Advanced class. These will be a continuation of my Beginners class from the Fall (but if you know the basics of Elements, you are welcome to join me whether you were in the Fall session or not).

We will learn more about working with layers – what they do for us and why they are important – as well as the various types of layers and how they can help your workflow. You will learn about shapes, grouping objects and layers, type, filters, and much more! The schools do have computers available, but if you have a laptop, please feel free to bring it along as you most likely have a newer version of Elements!

Milford Adult Ed is on Tuesday evenings, North Haven on Thursdays.

Dates and registration information is available on their respective websites:

Milford (see page 10 for my classes): http://www.milforded.org/uploaded/MPSProgramServ/adult_ed/Spring_2014_Short_Brochure3.pdf

North Haven (see page 13 for my classes): http://www.north-haven.k12.ct.us/Download.asp?L=1&LMID=287385&PN=DocumentUploads&DivisionID=7163&DepartmentID=&SubDepartmentID=&SubP=&Act=Download&T=1&I=323529

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