Adding a Stroke Around Type

I had a question from a student at last week’s NECCC Conference about how to add a stroke (outline) around type. It’s a fairly simple process – here are the steps:

1) Add your type to your project. You need to be sure the typeface and placement are exactly what you want as you will not be able to edit them after the next step.

2) Be sure your type layer is active. Go to LAYER > SIMPLIFY LAYER. This places the type on a transparent background.

3) Make a selection of the type. There are two ways you can do this. Using the MAGIC WAND tool, select the first letter – hold the shift key (to add to your selection) and click on each letter.

If you have lots of type to select, a quicker way is to select the Background, then add to the selection by choosing any areas inside of letters (like the “a”, “o”, “e”, or loops of any script styles). Then inverse the selection (SELECT > INVERSE SELECTION) and your type will be selected.

4) To make the stroke: EDIT > STROKE (OUTLINE) SELECTION. Choose your color and width in pixels and say OK. If you do not like the color or size of the stroke, go back a step in your Undo History (or hit “Control + Z”) then re-do.

5) Control + D to deselect when done.

Below is a screen shot of a finished example. (Click on the photo for a larger view.)