NECCC Conference Follow-Up

The Conference weekend flew by as always! Another terrific NECCC conference is in the books! Kudos to co-chairs Antoinette Gombeda & Susan Mosser, as well as their conference committe and the awesome equipment committee aka “the red shirts”. Everyone works long and hard to make the conference successful for the more than 1,000 attendees.

I had three awesome sessions on “The Power of Layers” – very full classrooms with great questions from the audience. I promised to post a link to an article by Tim Grey that covers sharpening your images. He simplifies the sometimes confusing settings in the Unsharp Mask function. This applies to Photoshop Elements as well as CS programs. Here are two articles he has written on the subject:

Hopefully these will demystify the sharpening process for you.

Please feel free to e-mail me questions — and I would love to see some of your results after following the “projects” we covered in class! I would be happy to share with other blog readers – just let me know if it is OK to do so.

I appreciate all of the great feedback I received throughout the weekend. I look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s conference.


One thought on “NECCC Conference Follow-Up

  1. THANKS, Meredith for the Great Workshop – Power of Layers @ NECCC. You kept the class simple, and so fun. Hope you are at NECCC next year 2012 – I will be back to take your workshop. Really enjoyed your Workshop and I plan to do some interesting notecards. Your a great instructors – thanks, again!

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