Adding a Stroke Border

A nice way to accent a digital photo – especially for competition presentation – is to add a narrow border to the edge. Usually black or white works nicely, but you can also use a color from within your image, choosing it with the eyedropper tool.

First, size your photo to your finished size. Then hit “Control + A” (Mac users, Option) to select all. You will see a line of “marching ants” around the outside of your photo. Then go to Edit > Stroke (outline) Selection. In the dialog box that opens, you can choose the width of your border in pixels. Usually 4-6 are good for a smaller image, but it’s to your taste. Then click in the color box and you will get the color picker to open. You can choose any color you like by using the slider and clicking around in the box to go lighter or darker, or if you want to match a color in your photo, just move your cursor over the area you wish to choose and click once (in the sample below, I picked a brown from the bird). You will see the color change in the color picker. You can keep clicking if you don’t like the color! Once you have a color you like, click OK; then click OK to accept the border and voila! Click Control +D to deselect the marching ants. Enjoy!

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